What Are Ivy League Universities? List of Ivy League University 2024

What Are Ivy League Universities? Does this question come to your mind? when you’re searching for top university in the USA and get to know this term Ivy League. Few universities come on search but why these called Ivy League and thus many questions come to mind. So, let’s deep dive into it.

Ivy League is an American collegiate athletic conference. Its headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey which is northeast part of the USA. This league consists of 8 private universities. Nowadays, the Ivy League is known for these universities not for sports.

If you get a chance to admit into any of Ivy League university your luck will change for a brighter future.

Job, network, and all opportunities will welcome you. But here most of the students have high academic excellence and elite societies. So very much difficult to get admission, but it’s not impossible to study in Ivy League University. So let’s check your chance.

Ivy League member Universities

List of Ivy League member Universities (Ivy League Universities)

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Columbia University
  3. Harvard University
  4. Dartmouth College
  5. Yale University
  6. Cornell University
  7. Brown University
  8. Princeton University

University of Pennsylvania :

University of Pennsylvania It is a private research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This university was established in 1740. This university is usually called Penn and its nickname is Quakers. This institution presents itself with red and blue colors. Its motto is “Laws without morals are useless”. Benjamin Franklin formed it before the United States Declaration of Independence.

It has 4 undergraduate programs where provide and 12 graduate programs.This university is ranked high for law faculty graduate programs. Among these undergraduate programs have more financial assistance than graduate programs. You need to have a good score in TOEFL to apply in any program. It is the first medical school in Northeast America.

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Columbia University

2) Columbia University: It is located in New York City. This institution was established in 1754. Previously it was named as King’s College or Columbia College. Now shortly it is called lions. Officially it was named Columbia University in the city of New York. Its representing colors are Columbia blue and white. Its motto is “In thy light shell we see light”. It is the first university which grants an MD program in the United States. It is a private research university. 4 undergraduate programs and 16 graduates and professional programs it provides. Each program has specific requirements for admission. It has good financial assistance for all students. Scholarship, grants, work, and study are all options open.

Harvard University

3) Harvard University: It is the top university in the world ranking for its academic excellence and wealth. Its main campus is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This institution was established in 1636, and it started as a college which is the oldest educational institution in the United States. It was previously called Harvard College. Its motto is “truth”. Its representing crimson, white and black colors. Shortly it called crimson.

IT have 10 schools within these only art and science faculty have undergraduate and graduate courses. The rest of the schools provide graduate courses. Harvard University has 3 campuses, on the Boston campus medical faculty located. Harvard has world largest library where 20 million books available for readers. It is excellent and stand top in most of the categories globally including medical,bussiness,life science . Grant, tuition assistance,need based scholarships available on different programs.only 5% student acceptance rate so competitive .

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Dartmouth College

4) Dartmouth College: It is private research university located in Hanover, New Hampshire.It was established in 1769.Its motto is “ A voice crying out in the wilderness”.Its presenting Dartmouth green and white color.Its nickname is Big green. Only 6700 students enrolled in this university and it’s the smallest Ivy League university. This university have many prominent alumni 170 congress members,us governors,23 billionaires,3 Nobel Prize winners, 51 Olympia medalist, and 10 Fortune 500 companies CEOs.

Undergraduate admission is very competitive and selective. provide both undergraduate and graduate program. Most of the students enroll on undergraduate programs. Undergraduate students get financial assistance as scholarships, federal aid, veteran benefit, work study.

For graduate students, they provide scholarships, fellowships, and research assistantships.

Yale University

5) Yale University: It is a private research university located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established 1701, and previously it was named as collegiate school. Its motto is “light and truth” and this university affiliated with space grants. Its presenting Yale blue color and its nickname is Bulldogs.First phd awarded in the USA from this institution..

During Americas revolution humanities and science added as study subject. It became a university in 1887.After 1890 its students’ growth started rising. 65 Nobel Prize winners affiliated and 5 us president, 10 Billionaires,many diplomats,comgress members are its alumni. It has 4 undergraduate and graduate programs and 12 professional Programs.More students enroll in post graduates program.

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Cornell University

6) Cornell University: It is private research university.It is located in Ithaca,New York.This university established in 1865 and from starting it admitted students regardless religion status and race.It has 7000 graduates, 15000 undergraduates students enrolling in 2022. Its other campus located in Doha,New York.

This university presents itself by carnelian red and white color. Shortly It’s called as Big red. It affiliates with 61 Nobel Prize winners,63 Olympiad medalists,10 Fortune 500 CEO. Its admission is very competitive. Its only institution which is land grants university and also members of sea,space,sun grant university. 20% Student acceptance rate so if you try to get into less competitive school try here.

 It has 7 undergraduate and 7 post graduate program and most of the students enroll in undergraduate program.It helps in financing studies with scholarships, grants, and loans.

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Brown University

7) Brown University: It is private research university located in providence,Rhode Island.which is established in 1764 as a college in English colony and named as Rhode Island college.Its motto is “In God we hope”.Currently, it has 19425 students enrolled in different programs.This institution presenting colors seal brown,cardinal red and white.Brown University shortly called bears as nickname.

In 2022 11 Nobel Prize winners affiliated with Brown University.It has 81 departments for Under graduation and post graduation. Most post graduates students enroll in biology,computer science, Applied mathematics, history,Economics,international relations, political science.

It is the first university in United States which admitted students regardless religious status. It is is the oldest university for mathematics and engineering.It has both under graduation and post graduation courses. For undergraduates, it provides need based financial aid. Post graduates student get financial support through loan,fellowship.

Princeton University

8) Princeton University: It is a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey.It was established in 1746 when it was a collage named New Jersey College later it became a university in 1896. It is one of oldest higher study institutions and one of the colonial colleges. Nobel Prize winner affiliates as alumni. It has nearly 500 students and its motto is “Under God’s power she flourishes”. Princeton University presents itself by c orange and black colors. It is named as tiger.

This university have trustees to guide it. It has Undergraduate and post-graduation, doctoral programs. Undergraduate students get need based financial support and master’s, and Ph.D. students get support by assistantships, and loans. only a few subjects get funding for master’s, Ph.D. They also have fellowship, work, and study internship opportunities.


Ivy League universities are considered top labels globally, but many non ivy universities have good academic reputations in the United States. Ivy and non- Ivyy universities only difference in athletic participation.

So For admitting Ivy League universities or any top ranked university in United States you need to have good academic merit scores, and good marks in English language tests, some Institutions also want the GRE along with program-specific requirements.

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