What are Ivy League Schools? Ranking and List of Ivy League 2024

Ivy League schools are world schooling big names that have academic excellence, athletic charm, and Global leadership from all aspects. This is the home of many centuries best mind people. Have you tried to admit any of the schools of Ivy League?

Ivy League is the collective name of some private schools located in the United States. If you found Ivy League word new or want to know more before applying for Ivy school stay tuned with us.  This article will give you an overall idea of Ivy League schools.

What is Ivy League?

American athletic collegiate associate built with 8 private research schools in the northeast part of America in 1954 is the starting of the Ivy League.

Why are they called Ivy League schools?

Ivy League is an association where few schools collaborate and each of these schools joined in this association is called Ivy League school.

History of Ivy League

Draft proposal for Ivy Leagues made in 1945. The name ivy leagues origin unknown but according to mouth sponken word of people it was named by an sports writer caswell Adams. Sports scholarship was stop for non athletics so many students who were pursuing for scholarship join in ivy leagues so all scholars were athletes. With time these participating school improve their facilities, highly experienced teachers teach these athletes so students of these schools make good result and built record

How many Ivy League schools are there?

There are 8 private ivy league school. List of Ivy League schools/all ivy league schools

What are Ivy League Schools?


1) Harvard: This is the 100 years old school  in America located in Cambridge, MA. Which was founded in 1636 solely by john Harvard. This school have 13 departments among these excellent in medical, engineering, law,bussiness.

Most popular subject to enroll is arts and science.  According to us and world ranking report 2022 this school hold 2nd position. Its student acceptance rate is 5%.  only 23% international students studying here.

It have both undergraduation and graduation program. They provide need based scholarship, usually undergraduates students get a big support on need based scholarship but many other scholarship and grants, loans other financial assistance they have.

Princeton University

2) Princeton University: 270 years old American 4th oldest university which located princton,NJ.That was founded in 1746. This university is holding first position in us and world ranking report 2022.

This is famous research based university.12% international students around world come here for its excellent educational facilities.  it have very big specialized library,laboratory,art musium,campus.Here  Student acceptance rate 5.6%.

Most of students come here to admit in engineering and economics, social science. This school is more focused on its undergraduates programe.Google chairman,astronut,michel Obama such many brightest mind graduated from this school.

Columbia university

3) Columbia University: Oldest higher educational institution which located in upper west side of Manhattan, New york and founded in 1754.This school hold 6th position in 2022 us and world ranking report.

This place is the home technology, building new things. FM radio  built here.first Black student advocacy group create here and This school welcome diversity so 36.6% of its students come from    100 countries  around world  and most of states of  America  to study. Acceptance rate 6.7%.

Most of the students enroll in STEM and vulnerability to  engineering, computer science  enrollment  is more.

Yale University

4)Yale University: This is the 3rd oldest school in usa which founded in 1701 in new heaven, connecticut. This school was the first one whom issue doctoral degree particularly in public health in its early years.

Its student acceptance rate is 4.4% among which 20.7% international students  and most commonly they enrolled in music,drama,history,statistics,bussiness,social science. It hold 12th position in us and world ranking report 2022.

Yale theater and music department is very popular. They are distributed localy by students clubs such Yale Dramatic Association.

University of Pennsylvania

5) University of Pennsylvania: This university founded in  1740 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Benjamin Franklin is the founder of this school who is famous as father of united states. Its top performing graduate departments are medicine, engineering,law,applied science.

They are very much student friendly so they  provide many students organizations, sports club,arts,music thus variety clubs and support them to improve. Its famous fir its basketbal,lacross team.

Its most common subject are  engineering, liberal arts,marketing,philosophy,religious studies. Its  student acceptance rate is  9% among this 12 % international students. This school hold 13th position in us and  world ranking report 2022.

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Cornell University

6) Cornell university: This school founded in 1865 located in ithacha,NY. It is the smallest,  youngest ivy league school. It was established to spread knowledge,creativity,discover new, spread culture variety inside Cornell community and outside. Its hold 22th position in us and world ranking report 2022.

Its 2 most popular undergraduate departments are art and science, agriculture and life science. Other most popular departments are computer science, medicine.

It is the first school which get award as  worlds first degree in journalism, first degree in veterinary medicine in usa, first doctorate degree in industrial and electrical engineering. Its student acceptance rate is 10.7% and among these international student is 20%.

Brown University

7) Brown University: This school founded in 1764 which located in atop college hill in providencs,Rhode island. This university is privately owned. It hold 119 no position in us and world ranking  report 2022  One of its co owner is Nicolas brown sr.

According his son name this school named in 1804. Most high demand courses are  medicine, computer science in this school and others common subjects are  econometrics,biology,applied mathematics, General history, General international relation, political science, English language and literature, neuroscience.  Its student acceptance rate is 7.7% among these 15% are international students.
This school is open for its students. Its specialty is that students can choose how they want to study, by taking risk on your mind here you can increase creativity.

Dartmouth College

8) Dartmouth college: This is one of oldest higher educational schools in usa which was established in  1769.  It is located in Hanover, NH. It was established privately by one of  American minister eleazar  Wheelock who initially built it for helping local American people by giving education in medicine, business, and engineering. It have world’s first graduate business management school.

Programming language first created in this school.  Its student acceptance rate 9.2% and among these 15.5% are international students.

IT’s most common subjects are economics and computer engineering.
Other, common courses are ethnic, cultural, Gender and group studies, social science, engineering, biology, physical science, computer engineering, arts, psychology. It hold 247 no position in usa and world ranking report 2022.

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Ivy League School Comparison 2024

1) Harvard:
Acceptance rate: 5%
International students:23%
Common subjects: liberal arts and science
Us and World ranking: 2

2) Princeton school:
Acceptance rate:5.6%
International students:12%
Common subjects: Economics and engineering
Us and world ranking: 1

3) Columbia school:
Acceptance rate:6.7%
International students:36.6%
Common subjects: STEM particularly engineering in computer science.
Us and world ranking: 6

4) Yale School:
Acceptance rate: 4.4%
International students:20.7%
Common subjects: music and drama.
Us and world ranking:12

5) University of Pennsylvania:
Acceptance rate: 9%
International students:12%
Common subjects: Engineering and liberal arts.
Us and world ranking: 13

6) Cornell University:
Acceptance rate:10.7%
International students:20%
Common subjects: Comuputer science and medicine
Us and world ranking: 22

7) Brown University:
Acceptance rate: 7.7%
International students:15%
Common subjects: Medicine, computer science.
Us and world ranking:119

8) Dartmouth College:
Acceptance rate: 9.2%
International students: 15.5%
Common subjects: Economics and computer engineering.
Us and world ranking: 247

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Is Stanford Ivy League?

It’s an excellent top level school in us and well renowned globally  for its academic excellence but  its not in the list of American collegiate athletic association participating school that’s why Stanford and any other school is not official ivy leagues.

Public Ivy League School:

This is similar to American Collegiate Athletic Association but it is different as here all public schools  in America are collectively named as public ivy but they do not have any official name.

FAQ of Ivy League Schools:

Which ivy league school is easy to get admit?

Ans: Cornell University.

Which ivy league school is hardest to admit?

Ans: Harvard, yale.

What gpa required for ivy league school?

Ans: 3.5 or above is good to apply there but school to school vary.

What are the ivy league school?

Ans: 8 in number. Namely harvard,princeton,columbia university, yale, university of Pennsylvania, Brown university, and Dartmouth college.

Getting admission in ivy league school is difficult as they are not waiting for you but you are waiting for them to get into as they are selective  for admission students. They do not accept everyone.  You need to improve your skills, academic good results, good English language skill, extracurricular activities, social working, good personal statement these are the supportive for admiting these top ranked ivy league schools.

Remember every ivy league school have requirements you need to fulfill it that’s why increase your skills, qualification as much possible. If you get into ivy you will reach a door to  brighter career.

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