How to Write a Cover Letter in 2024 (Examples + Templates)

Are you a job seeker who is on the hunt for something awesome? Do you want to know How to Write a Cover Letter? Do you feel like your job applications are drifting into black holes? Well, you don’t need to worry. Let’s get introduced to your powerful but underrated weapon: your cover letter! So we How You Can Write an Impressive Cover Letter for Job Application.

Your cover letter is not a mere introduction about you, rather it’s a chance to tell why you are a perfect fit for the position and why employers should hire you.  In a competitive job market, where resumes often have similar qualifications, a carefully written cover letter can be your trump card to showcase your skills, enthusiasm and passion to work. 

In this article, you will provide you guides on how you can write a cover letter that stamps a positive impression on potential job providers. 

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a letter that describes you shortly. It is an application covering three to four paragraphs which explains why you are best suited for the company.  According to Godi Glickman, a famous author, an excellent cover letter raises the chance of being hired enormously. 

A cover letter explains-

  • highlight your skills, experience and achievements relevant to the position you are seeking
  • Show that you understand the company’s problems.
  • Shows you did research and took the job seriously.

How to Write a Cover Letter?

In order to write an impressive cover letter, you need to follow some important things which are-

Start with addressing Personally

Research well before applying to any company. According to Mark Baker in his book ‘Stand Out Cover Letters: How to Write Winning Cover Letters That Get You Hired’ for making an excellent cover letter research is crucial. Again, try to start the cover letter addressing a specific person, usually the hiring manager of the company. Avoid generic greetings like “To those who may be interested”. You can look for the hiring manager’s name in the linkedin or facebook page of the company, or from the job description. 

Write Introductory Words that Hook

Start your cover letter with a compelling introduction that grabs the reader’s attention. You can start with a relevant anecdote, a surprising fact about the company, or a personal connection to the position.

Again there are some things which you can mention on your introductory part:

  • Highlight Company’s current problem
  • Highlight your achievements
  • Show your dedication etc.
How to Write a Cover Letter

Explain Why They Should Hire You

By tailoring each word, highlight your skills and accomplishments related to the specific role and previous experience. Express them your keen interest to join the company. Explain why you’re excited about the opportunity and how your background makes you a great fit. Focus on what you have learned which could benefit the company. However, you should keep your cover letter short. 

Wrap it Up Professionally

End your cover letter by encapsulating your enthusiasm and reprising your credentials.Tell the hiring manager that you look forward to meeting in person and discussing how your experience and knowledge can help their company. Thank him for his time taking reading the application and expressing gratitude.

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Proofread and Edit Accordingly

Proofread your cover letter again and again carefully to remove any grammar or spelling mistakes. Consider asking a friend or family member to check it out or review it. 

Sample Template for Writing a Cover Letter

[Your Name]

[Your Phone No]

[Your Email Address]

[Your LinkedIn Profile] (Optional)


[Name of the Hiring Manager]

[Introductory Paragraph]

[Middle Paragraph]


[Thank You/ Sincerely/ With Regards]


10+ Cover Letter Examples 2024

cover letter examples
cover letter examples

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Cover Letter Examples 3

How to Write a Cover Letter
How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Examples 4

cover letter examples
cover letter examples

Cover Letter Examples 5

cover letter examples
cover letter examples

Cover Letter Examples 6

How to Write a Cover Letter
How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Examples 7

How to Write a Cover Letter
Cover Letter Examples

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Cover Letter Examples 8

How to Write a Cover Letter
Cover Letter Simple

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Is a cover letter mandatory for a job application?

You must check the job description thoroughly. If there is mention of submission of a cover letter in the job description you must write it down. Otherwise it’s optional, but writing it down will add value to your profile. Again, if it is a very big company they might not hire you if you do not write a cover letter to them.

What are the important parts for job application?

A cover letter & a resume is a must. Also work samples/ portfolio/ website may be added according to the job description.

Should you submit one cover letter for all applications?

No, you Should change your cover letter for every job application. You must change it according to the job’s needs.

When should you prepare your cover letter?

You should start preparing your cover letter days before applying to the job. Don’t leave it for last minute! Otherwise it will be very poor in quality.


The best cover letter simply reveals “why manager should hire you“. With simple tips, followed you can write an excellent cover letter. Remember, an excellent cover letter also gives an impression that you really ‘care’ about being hired. So, best of luck for your job!

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