Student CV Format, Writing Tips: 10+ Student Resume Examples 2024

Are you a person who is willing to pursue higher study abroad? Do you wish to write an outstanding CV for the professor? then you can read Student CV Format or Student Resume Examples complete post We also share Resume Examples.

Academic CVs are only used for academic purposes and are different from a resume for job applications. Academic CVs mainly focus on scholarly achievement, research interest, research and teaching experience, etc. An academic CV is a great way that show you’re the best candidate for a faculty or research position advertised by a university. 

In this article, we will explain what an academic resume is, tips on how you can write it down and lastly provide a template so that you can get started.

What is an Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

An Academic CV is a document that elaborates on a person’s education, research achievements, and teaching experience in an academic setting. Academic CVs have a different format than job CVs. In Academic CVs, you need to include these things-

  • Publications
  • Research activities
  • Honors & Awards
  • Research Interests
  • Specialized Skills
  • Grades of Language Test
  • Scholarship
  • Teaching Experience
  • Membership
  • Computer Skills
  • Attendance at conferences or seminars etc.

An Academic CV is not the place to waste words and add aimless stuff. Although academic CVs are longer than other types of CVs it is better to keep it concise within 4 pages. There may be differences in the expected format of CV in different countries, you may need to include or exclude some sections. So always check the requirements mentioned in your desired university website.

Student Resume Examples 

10 Writing Tips to Create an Outstanding CV

  1. Organize The Structure

When writing your CV, put the most important information at the top. Usually, this may include your education, work experience, publication, etc. Try to maintain a clear and concise structure.You should choose powerful words so that you can convey your achievements in a limited space.

  1. Add a Personal Statement

After adding your contact details, consider submitting a brief professional summary statement which may contain some details about yourself, your career goal, your relevant experience and interest etc. 

  1. Highlight Your Academic Achievement

Highlight your academic qualifications and research interests. Add your educational qualification in reverse chronological order (most recent to earliest). Focus on higher education onwards. 

Incorporate the title of the degree you earned, the college or college where you sought after it, and the dates you attended. You should mention your CGPA as well.

  1. Add Volunteer Work & Internship

Internships or volunteer work in your CV show that you’re willing to work difficult for reasons other than quick money related picks. Especially if you have teaching experience as an intern, try to highlight that too. 

  1. Add Your Skills

After you summarize your inquiry about an encounter, consider including any difficult or delicate aptitudes that will illustrate you are a great fit for the position. Hard skills are the abilities that you learnt from professional experience like data analysis, computer & software skills, marketing, project management skills etc. Soft skills like time management, leadership, communication, critical thinking etc add value to CV. 

  1. Include Publications and conference presentations

You should include presentations, published theses, articles, and books that you have created or contributed to in the CV. When adding published material, include the title of the document, the author, the date of publication, the abstract and the volume or issue number. Check and double check to ensure the same citation format for all the posts.

  1. Be consistent and get Feedback from Others

You want your CV to be outstanding, polished and error-free. That is why it should be consistent with a  format and always proofread it. Always check if the spelling and grammar are correct. Moreover, seek the opinion of your colleagues and friends about the CV. 

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Academic CV Template

  • [Name]
  • [Phone number]
  • [Email]
  • [Personal website]

Personal Statement (Optional)

  • [Career Goal]
  • [Research Objective]


  1. [Type of degree]
  2. [Major]
  3. [Minor, if applicable]
  4. [Department Name]
  5. [Institution name]
  6. [Dates of attendance]
  7. [Thesis Title]
  8. [Advisor]

Professional Experience

  • [Your Position]
  • [Your Institution]
  • [Dates worked]
  • [Description of Responsibilities/ tasks carried out]


  • [Books]
  • [Book Chapters]
  • [Peer-reviewed Journal Article]
  • [Publication Date]
  • [Page numbers & volume]


  • [List of presentations you gave on a conference]
  • [Name of the Organization]

Honors & Grants

  • [List of honors, grants you received]
  • [Name of the Organization]
  • [Date of receiving]
  • [Amount of money you received]

Research Experience

  • [Full time/ Part Time Researcher]
  • [Research Assistant]
  • [Name of the Organization]
  • [Date of working]

Professional Affiliation (optional)

[Name of the organization where you are a member]

Skills & Interests

[Score of IELTS / TOEFL]

References (from your professor/ teacher of previous school & your colleague or friend)

  • [Name of the Person]
  • [Designation]
  • [Phone Number]
  • [Email Address]

Are all steps done? Don’t wait any longer! Email your professor with your effective Academic CV that will help you stand out in the crowd!

5+ Student Resume Examples 

Student Resume Examples 2

Student Resume Examples 3

Student Resume Examples 4

Student Resume Examples 
Student Resume Examples 

Student Resume Examples 5

Can I make a CV on my phone?

If you want to make a CV by using your phone then you can do it, You need to open your browser and then visit or Both websites little bit similar you can easily use this, then click the Create CV option put your all information, after giving all info then you can download your cv.

cv maker online

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FAQs Student Resume:

Where can I download free resume templates?

There are many websites that provide Student resume templates, You can download this template and implement it on your CV. Student resume template free download site is and

How to make a resume PDF?

After making your CV from the given link above, you can simply download your resume as a PDF.

How do I make a CV resume on my phone?

Using Canva, or simple Microsoft Word you can make your CV as draft. As the world of academia is much more competitive it is better to use a laptop or desktop so that you can make your CV meticulously.

Which websites to use for CV?

Some websites can be used for CV writing. For example-,, etc


Remember your academic CV is not just a static record of your accomplishments, rather it is a document to showcase your academic growth and dedication to work. So, always continuously update and refine your CV in order to add your newer achievements, experience, skills, and aspirations. Good Luck with your academic CV!

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