Where is the USA Visa Number on US Visa?

Gain an understanding of the significance of the USA visa number found on a US visa, its location on the visa document, as well as other pertinent details associated with it.

What is the USA Visa number?

The visa number, commonly referred to as the visa foil number, is located in the bottom right corner of the visa document and has a red print on it. Typically, a US visa carries a sequence of eight numerical digits. By contrast, it is possible for the number to begin with a single letter, followed by seven numerical digits.

The visa number is an arbitrarily generated sequence of numbers, lacking significance for its holders as it is generated randomly. It remains consistent across various visa types, for example, K-1, H-1B, or F-1 visas, with neither distinct formatting nor recognizable patterns.

Location of the US visa number

The location and color remain consistent for both nonimmigrant and immigrant visa numbers. An illustration provided below depicts the appearance of a US visa. Predominantly,the information is presented in black ink, with the visa number highlighted in red ink. Thus, if requested to present your visa number, you can confidently locate it in that section.

Here, is an example of a US visa where you can easily find out the visa number.

USA Visa Number
USA Visa Number

If the visa was granted before 2002, although the appearance of the visa might slightly vary from the provided image, the visa number can be found in the same designated area. For visas that were issued prior to the year 2000, you can find the visa number positioned at the center of the top part of the visa. Similar to the two other types of visas, this number is also colored red. Although it’s expected that visas issued before 2000 are uncommon, if an instance arises where an international individual possesses one (e.g., someone who entered the United States as an immigrant), the number will be composed of six digits and placed beside the abbreviation for number, which will be in blue color.

The US visa also has other information:

Besides, the visa number, the US visa also provides more information than that given below;

  1. Issuing Port Name: designating the U.S. Embassy where the individual obtained the visa.
  2. Applicant’s Surname/Last Name.
  3. Applicant’s Given Name/First Name.
  4. Sex: that refers to the person’s gender, classified as either M(Male) or F(Female).
  5. Passport Number.
  6. Birthdate.
  7. Nationality.
  8. Visa Type/Class: denotes the specific kind of visa an individual possesses. For instance, H-1B is a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa category.
  9. Entries: The number of times that person can enter the US. For example, if the visa contains S(single entry) that means that the person can enter the US only once, while M(Multiple Entries) that refer to that the person can enter the US more than once.
  10. Issue Date: The date when the visa was issued.
  11. Expiration Date: The threshold time, after the given time, the visa holder cannot enter the US anymore.
  12. Annotation: These are the official records generated by the US Embassy, containing information like the names of your partner, spouse, or employer.

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How to get US visa number?

It’s very easy to say that without a visa, you cannot have a visa number. So, if you want to get a visa number, you have to go through the visa application process. The application process may vary depending on the type of visa you apply for. Generally, there are plenty of steps to getting a visa number.

  • Step-1: You have to fill out Form DS-260 or DS-160 via the local US embassy‘s website.
  • Step 2: After filling out the form, you have to pay the application fee; otherwise, the further process cannot be started.
  • Step 3: The US embassy will schedule a visa interview, which will take place in the local US embassy or consulate office.
  • Step 4: Before attending a visa interview, you have to send all necessary documents through email.
  • Step 5: Attend the visa interview.
  • Step 6: Collect the passport.

If the US embassy thinks you are eligible enough to get the visa, the embassy stamps the visa on your passport page, where the visa number is also included. Moreover, the visa also contains all the necessary information regarding immigration.

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Where do i find my visa number on my US visa?

The visa number on a US visa is normally situated in the bottom right corner of the visa stamp within your passport. It is made up of letters and numbers and is usually printed in black ink. The format of the visa number varies based on the type of visa. It’s vital to remember that the visa number is not the same as the control number or receipt number you obtained during the visa application procedure. To find the right visa number, always refer to the real visa stamp in your passport turn.

How many digits is US visa control number?

The visa control number for the United States is normally an 11-digit number found on the visa foil, which is the physical visa label that is placed in the passport. This number is used to identify and track the exact visa record associated with a specific tourist. It is crucial to note that the control number format may differ based on the type of visa and the year it was issued.

Is US Visa control number the same as visa number?

No, the US Visa Control Number and the Visa Number are not the same.The Visa Number, sometimes known as the “visa foil number,” is a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric identification printed on the back of a visa stamp that is applied to a traveler’s passport. It is made up of letters and digits and serves as a reference for the particular visa that has been issued to the individual. Immigration authorities use this number to confirm the details of the visa and the traveler’s eligibility for admission.The Visa Control Number, on the other hand, is a unique identification number. It is a number code provided to a visa application when it is filed by the US Department of State. The US government uses this number internally to track and handle visa applications and associated documentation. It is not usually given to visa holders or travelers.

In summary, the Visa Number is the physical visa stamp’s unique identifier, whereas the Visa Control Number is an internal reference number utilized during the visa application process.

What is DS-160 number in US visa application?

The DS-160 number is a one-of-a-kind identifier provided to each individual visa application filed via the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form. Individuals seeking several types of nonimmigrant visas to the United States, such as tourist visas (B-1/B-2), work visas (H-1B, L-1), student visas (F-1), and others, use the DS-160 form.The DS-160 number is distinct from the Visa Control Number, or Visa Number, assigned to the visa application after it has been approved and a visa has been issued. It’s a reference number unique to the DS-160 form that aids US authorities in tracking and managing the application process.

What is DS-260 number in US visa application?

The DS-260 is a form used in the visa application procedure in the United States. Officially, it’s called the “Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application.” Individuals seeking an immigrant visa to the United States, such as those applying for family-sponsored or employment-based immigrant visas, must complete this form.It should be noted that the DS-260 form is just for immigrant visa applications. A distinct form (such as the DS-160) is used for nonimmigrant visa categories such as tourist or student visas.

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