How to Write SOP? Statement of Purpose for Higher Study (Tips + Example) SOP Writing in 2024

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is not a mere application, rather it is one of the most vital aspects of your whole application process. If you intend to study abroad as an international student either to receive a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, you must prepare a statement that elaborates your career path and goals, known as the Statement Of Purpose. For a successful kick start in the journey of your higher education, you must concentrate on impressive and effective SOP writing.

In this article, we will provide you with guides on how you can write a statement of purpose that stamps a positive impression of your professor and how an impressive SOP facilitates your higher study journey. 

What is Statement of Purpose? (SOP)

The SOP is your first introduction to the university as an applicant and communicates your personality, intentions, and goals to the university’s selection committee. It is usually written in the form of an essay, but there are exceptions as well. According to famous researcher, Yuhua Wang, the university selection committee generally takes SoP very seriously. That means SOP for university is a must. That is why, SOP is considered as a deciding factor in the whole admission process. 

Another thing to remember,  SOP writing is not only writing a personal statement, rather it reflects your future career goal. In a personal statement, you have to write in an informal way, but SoP should be very formal in structure. Again, you can write SOP up to 3 pages. 

Why is SOP writing considered very important?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a vital part of the application process of higher study abroad, such as graduate programs and doctoral programs. SOP allows you to express your overall personality and career goal to the university. If you have a low reputation, good SOP writing makes up for that by highlighting your future ambitions and goals. A well organized SOP gives an impression of how you can organize your thoughts in 2 to 3 pages.

6 Simple Steps for an Effective SOP Writing

SOP should be written in a formal language. Either your are writing SOP for your master’s degree or PhD, it should be clear, concise and to the point. It should not sound imaginary or false. Apart from these, you should follow some simple steps to write an effective SOP which are-

  1. Describe your Intention

SOP should be compact and focused. Write a specific SOP that gives a clear idea of ​​your career goals.

  1. Showcase Accomplishment

Before writing SOP, you should research properly about the academic program. You carefully browse the relevant university programs website first  to ensure that you are a good fit  for the program and meet its eligibility criteria. Then your SOP should describe your academic accomplishments and experience.

  1. Describe your Research Skill

In your SOP you should explain well about your research experience. If you have worked in an organization as a research assistant or associate and have done many projects you should mention those in your SOP. 

  1. Showcase your Passion

Stay positive in writing your SOP  and make sure to convey it in a way that  reflects your positive mindset and passion. Write it in such a way that it reflects your intention to study well.

  1. Leave an Impressive Conclusion

A well-written and compelling SOP can leave a lasting positive impression on the admissions committee. This is your chance to deliver a memorable presentation for your admissions session.

  1. Proofread & Edit

Proofread your SOP again and again to check if there is any grammatical error, spelling mistake or any other mistake. Don’t just copy and paste other people’s SOP or from any website. Rather include your unique experience. Try to show the draft to any of your mentors or any experienced person first. Edit your SOP according to their suggestions.

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What to Include in a SOP?

There is no definite SOP format that should be followed. The SOP format cannot be fixed because it varies from person to person. Moreover, SOP varies due to many factors like the program where you wish to study, your study level, the country you wish to study etc. But some important things are highly recommended according to experts, should be included in SOP which are-

  • Your background
  • Academic Achievement
  • Your Research Experience
  • Long-term & short-term goal
  • Why you choose this program
  • Why you choose this university
  • Why you choose this field
  • Your papers/ journals published
  • Your hobbies and interests etc

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Examples of SOP Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,
Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples,

IS SOP necessary if I wish to study in the USA, UK or in Canada?

Of course. SOP is an essential and one of the most crucial parts of the whole application process.

Do I need to add exam scores in SOP?

You should not add any kind of exam score (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo etc) in SOP. These things should be included in the academic CV.

How long should a SOP be?

SOP should be written within the specified word limit given by the university – do not write more or less than the required word count. You should check the university details to know about the maximum word amount, SOP format etc. If the university has not specified anything, your SOP should be within 800 to 1500 words.

Should SOP writing be different for different schools?

Of course! You should tailor your SOP writing according to the program you are applying for.

Why are SOPS rejected?

SOPs are genuinely rejected due to lack of coordination from the beginning to the end. Again, use of over common words, lack of coherence, lack of proper writing style put off the admission committee. Again, SOPs can be rejected if it sounds empty or meaningless.

Do you need to write SOP for Undergraduate degree?

Yes, undergraduate, master’s or PhD students need to write SOP in order to get a foreign degree. In case of undergraduate admission, it should be preferably within 800 to 1000 words.

How do you write SOP for masters?

SOP for masters and PhD both should contain some major elements which are discussed in the content. You should follow those.

Conclusion for SOP writing:

As we wrap up our journey on how to write a statement of purpose (SOP), let’s sum up. Always be authentic when writing a SOP. Don’t just copy and paste from the internet, rather follow your specific tone. Write it to make the admission committee realize why you are best suited for the program and what value you can add. Plan and research well, make a draft, proofread and correct accordingly and now you are all good to go submit your SOP.

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