UK CAS Interview Questions and Answers for 2024 (Sample Answers)

Hello, students hope you are pretty good. I am going to provide UK CAS Interview Questions and Answers or incredibility interviews. What is CAS? When it will be taken? And how you will prepare for this? All of the answers are available in this article. If read properly you will get important information about the CAS letter.

What is the CAS interview?

CAS means Confirmation of Acceptance For Studies. This CAS Interview is taken by the admissions authority of the university. The students who want to go the UK for higher study have to pass successfully the pre – CAS Interview to get admission in a college or University. The alternative names of cas interview 1, Credibility interview. 2, UK student visa interview.

CAS Interview is very important part to get UK visa in the processing of UK Visa. Here I would like to share all informative ideas to pass CAS Interview. If you want to pass this interview for the first attempt you should follow this question types which I will mention below –

UK Student Visa Interview Sample Answers

UK CAS Interview Questions and Answers

Most Common Questions in CAS Interview:

There are some questions which must be asked by the administrative authority. So, you have to prepare properly to pass successfully in this test. If you are not able to pass this you never get the CAS letter and without CAS letter your studying in desire country is impossible. So let’s begin the question ideas about CAS Interview:-

Candidate’s Introduction like –

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What is your date of birth?
  3. What is your student’s reference number?
  4. Which intake you applied for? Or
  5. What is your Email address?

These all are very basic questions and you must see about it. For example I prepare like this-

My full name is ………….?

My date of birth is ( your date of birth which are in your passport) or It is 5 August 1995.

My students reference number is ……………….( Your student ID it means in your offer letter your university give you your students reference number, this number your id number. In your Visa processing you must use in every situation.)

My intake is ………… which session you applied if you applied for January you say my intake is January 2023.

And at last about your email address and most prominent is that about your course and university name.

CAS: UK Student visa interview Questions and Answers

UK CAS Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you want to study in the UK?

Answer:- Well, a variety of reasons behind this. Firstly, you know UK is providing excellent and standard education for international students. A degree from UK’s university will provide me a strong foundation in the working world as well as I will be able to find a decent job.If I complete my higher degree from a university of the UK it will be professed globally. Obviously, UK’S teaching excellency is very good and teaching methods are much more focuse and research based.

UK is one of the most well loved location to live. It is a diverse country and it’s multicultural atmosphere leads students to there best potential. Every year 500,000 students around the world entering the UK for pursuing higher education. For this reason I will have a great opportunity to learn different culture and many more from them. Also I will engage with some of the intellectual minds on the glove which will assist me with communication.

The most precious things is that in the UK the tuition fee is moderately lower than other countries to consider like USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA. It will cost from 15000£ to 17000£ whereas other countries cost is much more higher. There is no application fee in the UK and the Visa processing at UK is very time saving which requires only two to three months in case of other countries it takes 6 to 8 months. Considering all this situations I have decided that I will go to the UK for my degree………….( Which degree you have chosen like undergraduate, post graduate)

Note:- For a question you should answer covering in 3-4 points.

2. Why you choose to study in this institute ( X University ) You have to cover in three points and say maximum 4 lines per points.

Answer:- I have decided to study in (X University) for a number reasons, such as x university is counted as top 20% university among globe. This provides practical based education which is very important for students to their bright future.This university all modules are taught by subject specialist.

Note:- This answer will be specific about your university. Here you should include your University ranking, student’s satisfaction rate, subject ranking, employability rate, TEF rating, about your mentor, or any previous student who is studying ther’ s recommendation. You must talk about course modules behind this question.

3. Which other Universities did you consider? Or which other University you have applied to?

Answer:- Apart from ( x university) I have applied…………..( You must explain about 3 to 4 universities)

Note:- You must research about those universities ranking,where it is situated, subject wise ranking and about tuition fee. One important tips is that UKVI ask students to spell the name of the universities. So, remember it and prepare properly.

4. Why did you choose to study this course?

Answer:- This course ……….( Which course you have applied for) associates study with practical experience,if I graduate from this course I will prepare to manage, lead and inspire with confidence. I will also have the opportunity to work on real life business cases with practically because it will be recognized and respected all over the world. It also prepare me to make an impact in industry or work place as soon as I graduate.

This course provides a unique structure modules such as ……….( About your course modules, you must explain the name of your course modules. You have to research about it.)

Note:- You must include like –

  • How does it relate to your previous study?
  • What is attraction to study this course?
  • How will it enhance the subjects that you have already studied?
  • After doing this course what career you have achieved?

5. What are your post-study plans? Or what is your future plan?

Answer:- Well, earlier I worked at an educational institution as an assistant teacher, however, now I resolve to flourish my career as a Chief Administrative Officer at educational institutions like any renowned university in my home country ,for example, BRAC University, North South University, American International University Bangladesh, Independent University Bangladesh, Leading University etc.

After completing my ……( Degree which you choosed) I will return to my country and start my desire job as an administrator at any of the above mentioned universities.

Note:- Remember that here I mentioned assistant teacher or Chief Administrative Officer this are only sample answer. You should describe your plan.

Talk about a specific position you want see yourself.

You may be asked these questions like:-

  • Can you tell me some company name?
  • What an X company does?
  • Why are you interested to do this job?
  • What would be your job responsibilities as this (works)?

6. What salary would you expect for this job?

Answer:- I am expecting to get 50000 BDT -100,000 BDT. ( This answer as a sample, you have to speak specific answer. Don’t memorize any pre- prepare answer. Make your own answer by your ideas.)

7. What will be the benefits of studying this course?

Answer:- ……………note:- It is necessary to have a qualification in order to follow your career path. You should talk about your chosen course will qualify you to secure in the X position.

Cover at least four modules learning out comes points or also connect the module outcomes.

8. Do you know the level of your course?

Answer:- ……………….Yes I m studying at Master’s level it is reffed to as NQF level 7.


  • If you will be studying at Bachelors level this would be level 6.
  • If you will be studying at Masters level this would be level 7.
  • If you will be studying at PHD level this would be level 8.

9. How much is your course tuition fees?

Answer:- My course tuition fee was 15,000£ , but I got a scholarship of 2000£ . Now, my tuition fee is 13000£. ( This all information is as an example. You should speak your tuition fees which mentioned in your offer letter.)

10. Who is your financial supporter or What is your financial sponsor doing?

Answer:- My father is financially sponsoring me . My father is a businessman. He has logistic and transportation business.He has a monthly income of ………….! He has landlord and also 5 shops in my hometown. From these source he earns around………..! I can provide my financial documents if you want.

Do you want to work in the UK?

I know some rules and regulations for international students, because uk students can work 20 hours per week, and main focus on my studies if I get free time then I can work.

Overall, these questions are most important and common in CAS INTERVIEW. You must be asked these 10 questions. Make sure that all answers would be self prepare. Don’t speak the pre-planning answer. It will be badly effected on your interview. Read this article very carefully and get all information which are extremely important for your future career.

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  1. Is UK Student Visa interview Compulsory?

    Yes, UK Student Visa interview is Compulsory on the other hand some of universities sometimes skip cas interview

  2. What questions will be asked in CAS interview?

    We Shared all Cas interview questions and answers, so you need to carefully read and understand all answers and paraphrase with your own word.

  3. What questions are asked in CAS interview?

    They asked some basic questions related to your study such as, Why do you want to study in the UK? Why did you choose to study this course? What will be the benefits of studying this course? and others QNA i mentioned in above so you can read wholeheartedly.

  4. Is UK visa interview easy?

    Yes, Interview is very easy because they will ask about your University, Course, Sponsor, and these types of other questions and I’m sure you know Fluent English then you can answer all Q very easily.

  5. Why CAS gets rejected?

    There are many reasons they will reject you if you do not answer all questions properly if your speaking not well, also your answers and documents are different, etc.

  6. Does CAS guarantee visa?

    No, because if you pass your CAS then you need to prepare UKVI interview.

  7. Does CAS mean visa approval?

    No, After submitting your cas latter and other documents to VISA Office then sometimes UKVI will Conduct an Interview, then you can get your visa.

  8. Can I apply for UK visa without CAS letter?

    No, first you need CAS Latter.

  9. Is bank statement required for CAS UK?

    Yes bank statement is required for CAS without a statement Universuru does not give you cas letter.

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