Creative Writing Prompts for Inspiring Student Imagination

As a teacher, you can give a boost to the imagination skills of inspiring students through creating writing prompts. Want to know how? Then you will have to continue reading this article. 

Inspiring Student Imagination with Creative Writing Prompts – How to Process

Below we have discussed how you can inspire your students’ imagination by creating writing prompts. 

In order to inspire student imagination, you (the teacher) should write open-ended prompts. These are ones that start with words like “What,” “Why,” “How,” etc., and do not restrict students to be specific. Instead, these provide them with the freedom to explain their thoughts or ideas without following a certain response format. 

Below is an example check it out.  

‘’What you should do? If your soul or shadow starts speaking to you, demanding its freedom.”

In the example above, the prompt starts with the word “What” indicating that it is open-ended, and “Speaking of shadow” indicates its creative (fictional). 

So, when the prompt is open-ended and creative, students can better use their minds to write a response against it without worrying about the restrictions. This will ultimately give a boost to their imagination or thinking skills.   

Add a touch of emotions

Since you will be inspiring students’ imagination through creative writing prompts, it is necessary to keep it emotionally engaging. There are multiple reasons behind this. 

For instance, an emotional prompt will be most likely to hit the part of the student’s brain. This will further encourage them to explore new ideas or perspectives. Moreover, when the prompt is emotionally engaging, students will be more likely to connect with the situation or scenario of it.  

That is why, it is recommended to use emotionally engaging words. Some examples of these words are “Mesmerizing,” “Haunting,” “Serene,” etc. 

Although, using these kinds of words will definitely require extraordinary vocabulary skills. If you are a teacher who lacks strong vocabulary, then there is no need to worry, as you can utilize a paraphrase tool. It will quickly make the given prompt emotionally compelling by replacing casual words with engaging synonyms.

Consider bringing some unexpected twists

You should also consider adding unexpected twists in the prompts. This means, you should bring a sudden change. The change can be a conflict, setting, or point of view. Doing so will give a spark to the student’s imagination. 

In order to provide you with a better idea about how you can bring unexpected in the creative prompt, check out the example below: 

When there is a twist, students will not have any options left instead of using their minds to write a response to it. 

Prompts that Make Students Think About Society

You (the teacher) should give students prompts that not only help them in academic success, but also help in their social life. You can give students with the prompts that are about:

  • Climate change
  • Poverty
  • Terrorism
  • Education 
  • Historical issues

And many more.  

Engaging with prompts that are based on society will not only help boost the imagination skills of students but also increase the overall chances of bringing a positive change in their personalities. 

Now we think you will have an efficient idea of how you (the teacher) can inspire students’ imagination with the help of creative writing prompts

Some Examples of Creative Prompts

Below are some examples of creative prompts that can contribute to boosting student’s imagination. 

Example 1: 

“Imagine your siblings as your favorite “Superhero” characters. Now write about how you will spend a day with them”

Tip for inspiring students who will write a response for this: 

First of all, there is no need to worry about, as there is nothing complicated about the prompt above. All you have to do is to just imagine your sibling as a superhero in your mind. Let’s say you have imagined “Superman.” 

Then you can consider writing that you have spent your day flying over the town and also helping the citizens. Try to explain each happening from morning to evening. 

Example 2: 

“Imagine that you are lost in the space. Now write about how got up there and how you can back.”

Tip for inspiring students who will write a response for this: 

In order to deal with this prompt, you first have to create a scenario in your mind to get some ideas. In case you are not being able to find any, then you can consider watching movies like “The Cloverfield Paradox (2018).” 

However, do not entirely copy the script of the movie to write a response, your teacher may catch you. 

Wrapping up

Creative writing prompts are usually about a topic, question, or scenario that is fictional. Teachers all around the globe make use of them to give a boost to the student’s imagination skills. In this article, we have explained every essential detail of how teachers can inspire student’s imagination with creative prompts. 

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