Pictory AI: Create Videos using Pictory, AI Video Generator 2023

Pictory AI: Do you always fumble when making captivating videos? You want to improve but you don’t know how? Whether you’re experienced or not, in this day and age, AI is here to help.

Using AI video generating tools, you have the ability to create engaging videos to drive views, as well as profit. Video making can be a challenging task; and no worries, it’s okay to not grasp the basics right away.

You need to start somewhere, so I have just the thing for you! Over here, I’ll tell you about one such AI tool to make video producing much easier. Pictory AI is here to solve those problems for you.

What Is Pictory AI Video Generator?

Pictory AI is a video creation tool, which employs the power of artificial intelligence to transform your text commands, into full fledged videos. It’s designed to make video production feel like a breeze, no matter who uses it. You don’t need any expertise to use this tool.

It generates videos with every attribute required, including voiceover, background sound effects, transitions between cuts and more.

The tool also actually allows users to edit existing videos, to repurpose old content to make them more up-to-date.

Pictory AI Features

It has many useful functions, so let’s discuss a few:

  • From scripts to professional videos: This is one of the best and most efficient feature of this tool; it’s a great choice for people who make educational, or instructional content. To use it, go to dashboard and tap on this option, then just type in or paste the script and Pictory AI will follow that script to provide you a video, completed with visuals, voiceover and transitions.
  • From articles to professional videos: Okay, this one is for all the writers out there. If you have an article, or a blog post you want to make into a video, you’ll find this helpful. You can copy and paste your written content to turn it into visually stunning videos.
  • Video editing with texts: It let’s you edit your existing videos using only text instructions. You can add more information to your videos, to make it longer, or cut out some parts to make it shorter. Just type in the commands.
  • Make videos with images and visuals: This is more like an editing function; e.g. capcut and such. So, for this one, you can upload your media files and Pictory AI will turn it into one video with all the elements you need.
  • Custom templates for all formats: These templates help make your videos look professional and finished. A lousy template can completely ruin your videos’ aesthetics, so that’s why it’s important to pick the right one. Thankfully, Pictory AI offers a variety of options.

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Pictory AI Pricing

There are a few choices available to best fit your needs.

  • Free trial: Will allow you to test the app, so see if it floats your boat before you become a paid member.
  • Standard plan: Now, this plan is ideal for beginners, as it offers enhanced options at a reasonable price. From $19 to $23 per month, which will be charged yearly. The plan provides 30 videos a month that can be more than ten minutes in duration. Also, you’ll be given the access to three professional templates, which can be customized.
  • Premium plan: premium plan is a little bit more on the pricy side, but it’s best for professionals who do it for a living. Its price is from $39 to $47 per month; taken annually.
  • Teams plan: It is exactly what it sounds like; this is tailored for a team of video makers, so it’s a little expensive. The cost starts from $99 to $119 every months; yearly collected.

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How To Use Pictory AI?

It has a library of more than three million videos to piece together your content, with 15000 music and tracks. It will also give you captions, or subtitles automatically.

Now to get started with Pictory AI, first sign up, and try out the free trial. You’re not required to enter any credit card info at this point, then you’ll be led to the main interface. It looks simple and clean.

You would be able to see the menu at the top, which has these options: my projects, help, notification and account menu.

The aforementioned options will guide you to all of the steps you need to follow, however for further help, you can contact their server directly.

On the main dashboard, you can see the video making options; which are the features I described before. Read More: Jasper Al

Best AI Video Generator

This innovative AI video tool is certainly one that you should try out, even if you’re new to the game.

With its amazing features and versatility, this is one of the best video tools you can choose to leverage. If you’re familiar with the concept of video making, you’d know the importance of presentation and retention rate.

The reason why many people have successful views is because of those two things; however as a beginner, you won’t know everything in depth, therefore tools like this are vital. To bring in the engagement from viewers, Pictory AI provides many effects and captivating aesthetics.

Some of the features it has, you wouldn’t have even known if you hadn’t tried. Besides, it’s so simple. It only requires text commands to produce the videos; no extra directions are needed, and you can edit to your liking as well.

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There’s no denying that Pictory AI is a powerful AI tool to generate videos. It has functions that can take your videos to the next level

However, bear in mind that this has a few complex steps, which will require some experience to navigate. Don’t worry though, with time, it becomes really easy. Another thing to note is the voiceover option only comes in English, and no other languages.

The pricing is something you should consider as well; choose a package wisely. Taking all of that into account, if you decide to try it out, I hope you like it.

Pictory AI FAQs

Is Pictory AI free?

No, unfortunately, it’s not. But you can try the free trial.

What are the limitations of Pictory AI?

It only offers one language for voiceovers, which may hinder a larger audience reach.

Does Pictory AI work in other languages?

No, it only supports English currently.

What are the benefits of Pictory AI?

Hassle free video making with only text commands; saves time.

Does Pictory AI have AI voices?

Yup, it has both male and female voices with multiple accents.

Can I use Pictory AI videos for YouTube?

Yes, you can, but be sure to read the guidelines for further assurance.

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