10 Best AI Art Generators in 2024

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve given art a thought but you just didn’t know how to get started on it. Today’s topic is Best AI Art generators, Art is a complex thing to tackle, so don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

However, in today’s world, technology has far progressed, so with the help of AI, you can generate any digital art you want.

And that’s not all; you don’t even need to have any experience to produce these artistic pictures; all you need to do is insert text prompts and commands, which will bring an image from your head to a complete picture.
In this article, I’ll tell you about 10 best AI art generator you can use to get your imaginations going.

DALL E: Best AI Art Generators for beginners

This AI art generator employs many different types of tools to provide you with the best results; it’s easy to navigate as the user interface is pretty simple. It’s from the ChatGPT family, so you’ll be familiar with its concept.

It was first released in 2021, but the one available now is a much better version, as it can intercept different concepts. From your text commands, it’s able to run it through its system and produce an image that fits your description, therefore you should be as descriptive as possible. Dall E has a subscription starting from $15.

Midjourney AI: Best AI Art Generators discord bot

Ah, this one starts with discord, an application that most are familiar with. Midjourney is a part of discord and you’ll have to be a paid member; it costs 8 bucks per month.

Although Midjourney had a rocky start, it has evolved the most to become its best version now. The interface isn’t that hard, but it’ll need some getting used to.
Its positive sides are that it creates pictures that are extremely close to the description, and you’ll also have a community to learn from. You can turn to the discord community for help to guide you as well.

10 Best AI Art generators

Deep Dream: Best Free AI Art tool

With its deep learning ability, you can easily mix it up and be creative. This is the ideal option to choose if you’re slightly more experienced, as it offers a variety of options.

It has an interface that’s intuitive, so learning is easy. The algorithm in this one is strong, hence the AI catches up to the requirements fast. This thankfully offers a great free version, but the paid version begins from 19 bucks per month.


This is simply designed for art only and has a relatively easy interface. It is able to produce very high quality digital images, but the downside is its limited credit, which means you won’t be able to make as many arts per day.

But because it’s solely made for art purposes, their work is really honed. The pricing starts from $15.99. The free version is also available; it allows only five credits per day though.

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Fotor is available as both an app and website; if you want to use it on your phone, feel free to download the app. It can generate NFT arts, or digital arts in seconds.
There’s a limit to the credits though, which is a common problem I’m addressing, however the pricing for this is really good.

There’s a basic version you can try, which is free, but if you opt for the paid version, it starts from $3.3 per month. Fotor can also be used to edit and enhance images by the way, so it’s multipurpose.

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Canva: Best AI Art Generator App

Canva is a well-known platform used for a variety of things like making logos and such. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this app; as it’s available for download on play store.

However, recently they had added a new tech to this invention; text to art generator setting, which took this app further. Just like the other AI art generators, this also uses stable diffusion model.

It’s available across all options; web, iOS and android. There’s a free version too, but you can choose the paid version for added features. Pricing begins from $12.99 per month.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art only has a web version, but it’s not known exactly what model it uses; presumably stable diffusion as that’s the common tech.

It’s very commonly known for its writing tool, however if you’re already a user of this platform, you should take a look at its artsy counterpart.

There’s no limit to how many images you can produce, but the con is that the pricing is much higher than other similar tools, as it start from a whopping $39 per month. However, its technology is more standard, so the results are swell.


Prodia allows users to use the platform without signing up and there’s only a web version available. It also uses stable diffusion for the images, and provides realistic results. Prodia has a simple to navigate interface, and the good thing is you don’t even need to rigorously train the AI. It’s also free to use.

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Images.AI: Free AI Art Generator

It’s one of the best options to choose if you’re looking to find a free AI art tool that also gives professional results. It has pretty advanced settings and takes less than ten seconds to give the images!

Pictures can be customized; small, big, colorful or beige; the choice is yours. It’s simple to use, and very hassle free. Just input the instructions, ten seconds later, you’re done!

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What sets it apart is the range of tools and options it offers; starting from generating original images, modifying the pictures to expanding them beyond the original borders. The customization choices are endless, which makes the creative process much more attainable. Even the canvases can be altered.

This has more than 20 AI models and is super fast; we’re talking ten pictures per second! The basic pack is available for $12 each month.


Although AI art tools can be exciting and helpful, they certainly have limitations when it comes to authenticity. Yes, they’re fast and simple yet that’s why they’re not as unique as an original art piece made by the human mind.

These are still fun inventions to try out, in case you want some inspiration to push your boundaries. Try them out and have fun! But stay true to your own ideas as well.

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FAQs for best AI art Genarators:

How do I get the best results from AI art generator?

Be very thorough with your words as the AI can’t work without commands. Explain what you want descriptively.

Do AI art generators use neural network?

Yes, they do, along with machine learning.

Are all AI art generators the same?

They may not be the same, but they’re very similar in terms of models, and layouts. However, different ones have different abilities.

How does AI art generation work?

When you put in instructions, the algorithm analyzes arts that already exist and makes them unique by adding or subtracting few elements. So, it’s not 100% authentic yet still good enough

Where do AI art generators get their images from?

Millions of pictures are available on the internet, that’s where the inspiration comes from.

Can you use AI art as your own?

Yes, mostly, they’re copyright free and not protected by copyright law.

Are all AI art generators free?

No, not all of them are free, but there are a lot of free options available too. I discussed them above.

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