Lensa AI App for AI Art & Magic Avatars in 2023

Lensa AI App With its captivating ability to produce AI-generated profile photos and artistic pictures, Lensa AI is now one of the attractions in the world of artificial intelligence.

If you’ve ever wondered how influencers and other people get their own digital pictures, you’ll find this app to be helpful, as it will do all of those things for you and more!

Keep on reading to uncover all you’ll need to know in this Lensa AI app review. Making your images perfect is not a dream anymore!

What Is Lensa AI: The AI Art Generator?

Starting off with the obvious question; Lensa AI is an AI image generator that provides you with exceptional results. It also helps with editing pictures, such as adjusting the lighting, the saturation and to correct colors. You can turn your selfies into eye catching avatars, which will be customized to match your features.

This is especially useful if you want to remove imperfections, blur out backgrounds in photos, remove unwanted objects and even create short videos!

Currently, it’s both available for Android and iOS.

Now, Lensa AI was developed by Prisma Labs. The app was first released in 2018, yet it didn’t gain popularity until much later.

Slowly, it found its way to the mainstream media, and became one of the most downloaded AI photo editing apps on play store.

Lensa AI App’s Sudden Popularity

The reason behind its fame is pretty simple; everyone always jumps at the chance of turning pictures into avatars as it becomes a trend.

In this age of social media, going viral isn’t the toughest, especially if it’s an AI editing tool that can alter one’s pictures to make it perfect. Social media has an obsession with editing in general, so this app became popular amongst users for retouching, as well as animating.

Many people, including celebrities, were quick to jump on this trend to turn their images into AI arts, which led this app to blow up.

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Lensa AI App Review Of User Interface

The interface itself is relatively simple and easy to navigate. It doesn’t have too many icons, so it doesn’t get confusing.

At the bottom of the main home, there are three main options; videos, photos and setting, while the top corner has the option to take photos; you can see a camera icon there.

Tap the plus sign below after pressing the camera icon, to add your desired images you want to edit. Moreover, Lensa AI guides users through all the features it has after installation, hence you’ll be familiar.

Lensa AI Editing Features

See below to know more about its key features:

  • Hair color change: In this option, you can shift your hair color to any other colors you want, so you can experiment.
  • Filters: Lensa offers various filters to perfect your photos; pick one that fits your aesthetic.
  • Background blur: Blur the things you don’t want in photos.
  • Retouch tool: You can retouch your appearance with this tool, e.g. removing eye bags, smoothening the skin, reshaping brows and more.
  • Backdrop: You’ll be given the option to change the backdrop of your photos, and add in anything you want.
  • AI art: Transform your images to different art styles with this powerful AI. There are a few art styles available, such as retro, cartoon, salty and so on.
  • Add borders to pictures.
  • Redo & undo the previous edits.
  • You can crop and erase as well.

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Lensa AI Video Editing

Here’s how you can make your videos cooler:

  • By adding music and filters: The app will let you choose whatever music or filter you want to incorporate into the video. For music, you can choose from your device’s library to fit your needs.
  • By trimming and adjusting the ratio according to the format you require.
  • Add extra videos and photos to your edits.
  • You can redo it or just undo to start over.

Lensa AI App Avatar & Magic Avatar

Avatars are the digital versions of you; this app has a well-known feature called ‘magic avatar.’

This feature turns your normal pictures to cool artistic pieces. Although the avatars may not resemble you a hundred percent, it’s still going to be pretty close.

The avatars are available to use in 10 styles; cosmic, pop, light, stylish, fairy and a few more. Try using all the options there are to find which one is closest to your facial attributes.

Lensa AI App Cost

One con of this app is that it’s not free, which may be a problem for some. However, they do provide a seven day free trial, after that you can choose from these following payment plans:

  • 50 avatars for $4.99
  • 100 custom avatars for $6.99
  • 200 avatars for $9.99

In case you don’t like the pricing, feel free to cancel your subscription anytime.

Is Lensa AI App Safe? Privacy Policy

They have a set of privacy policies that you should certainly read, as it must collect certain data to keep updating the app. However, they claim to delete all photos of users after generation of the avatars.

It does collect data like IP address, email, and other information that you’ll provide, be sure to read the guidelines carefully.

How To Use Lensa AI App To Create AI Avatars?

  • First of all, download the Lensa AI app from Play Store, then open the app, read the privacy policy and sign up.
  • After you press ‘continue,’ the app will take you to the main page where it’ll walk you through its functions.
  • You’ll then choose free trial subscription to see if the app lives up to your requirements, and you can be a paid member later.
  • On the app’s user interface, click the label ‘magic avatars.’ Choose the option ‘try now.’

Lensa will now take you through all the steps you need to follow to generate your personal AI pictures. Carefully follow them and have fun creating! Don’t forget to try the other features too!

Lensa AI Alternatives

Although this app is fun and versatile, you may still want to try the other options. So, here are some you can give a shot to:

  • DALL – E2: With this tool, you don’t even need to insert your own images to create avatars. DALL – E2 has such capable AI abilities that it can turn your textual commands to AI pictures. There’s really no limit to what you can make.
  • Fotor: Fotor is also similar to the tool we mentioned before as it can bring texts to life quite accurately.
  • Dawn AI: It’s available for both android and iOS, and is an amazing alternative to Lensa, as it’s easy to use. Unlike Lensa, this can also use only texts to generate pictures.
  • Wonder: This is the closest substitute for Lensa; it let’s users produce their unique avatars by uploading pictures from five separate angles, to provide better results.
  • YouCam Perfect: Great news on the block! This option is completely free unlike Lensa. It might not be as close to accuracy, but it can also edit pictures and generate avatars!

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To sum it up, Lensa AI is an amazing AI art tool to experiment with and edit. It has many options that you can benefit from. If you decide to use it, I hope this guide helps. And if you want to, you can also give the alternatives a try.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy this editing process, and good luck!

Lensa AI FAQs

Is Lensa AI app free?

No, unfortunately but you can still sign up for the free trial.

What AI technology does Lensa AI use?

A learning model that’s named stable diffusion.

Is Lensa AI safe with data?

Yes, mostly it is. But still read the policy before signing up to be sure.

Is Lensa AI available on Google play store?

Yes! You can download it very easily from Google play store. Just search it up there.

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