Best AI Writing Generators in 2024 (AI content writing tools)

Best AI Writing Generators, Writing with the help of AI had become so vastly popular lately, that everyone now has their own questions about it. AI writing tools offer a plethora of advantages; starting from saving time to acquiring inspiration.

If you’re a writer going through a writer’s block, you can leverage these tools to overcome the block. However, different writing tools serve different purposes, therefore you may feel overwhelmed when picking an option.

There are tons of choices available, so I’ll narrow it down to some, which can help you with your requirements. Keep on reading to find out more about these creations and their functions!

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

Know About Their Functions: They mainly work by deploying responsive algorithms and natural language processing. This works by taking in the input, or information you provide and then giving results accordingly.

The types of AI writing tools you can use include:

  • Content generating tools.
  • SEO tools.
  • AI grammar correctors.
  • Citation generators.
  • AI writing tools with image generation features.

All of these variations can help your writings to stand out, be factually correct and be captivating. Based on which one you need, you can use whichever you want. For example, if you want fluent grammar, AI grammar correction tools analyze your text using natural language processing, and give you suggestions that abide by the standard grammar rules.

And if you need to verify your citations for reports, AI citation tools will generate them for you easily. You don’t have to search it up yourself.

Best AI Content Writing Tools

This field of writing is one of the most important aspects of AI writing; especially because some people need mass produced content, e.g. big name firms and organizations.

So, in this overview, I’ll tell you about two simple tools amongst others, which can assist in content generation:


This AI writing tool works as a grammar corrector, and a writing coach to lead you to utter professionalism. It helps with rephrasing in real time, even as you’re writing.


It’s available on many sites that are used to write; such as the chrome browser extension version fuses into social media platforms, Gmail, Google docs, Atticus, etc.

ProWritingAid offers more than 20 reports for a deeper analysis of writing pieces, each of these reports are capable of generating suggestions, corrections and results to make your content top notch.

A very special rephrase report is merged into this tool, which gives rewriting advice for every individual sentence and its structure.

You are allowed to choose from seven rephrasing options according to your needs: fluency, formal, standard, sensory, shorten, informal and lastly, expand. These tools provide what they’re named after.

In case you struggle to think of right words to apply to your sentences, rephrasing tools will help conquer that obstacle.

Pricing: There are two versions; a free version is available with a limited 500 word count, and the premium version costs $10 per month, or $120 a year.

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This is an AI writing assistant that helps produce different types of content like blogs, introductory bios, social media titles, headlines, ads and more!


It’s one of the best options for freelance writers, as it can also help generating keywords. Rytr is an excellent choice for short writings as well, for example social media posts and descriptions.

Its epic feature is that it’s available in more than 30 languages; your content can be short or long, Rytr always provides great results. This is easy to use and will save your time in keyword research and such.

Rytr lets users access image generation too; it’s an all in one AI tool for sure. If you need engaging pictures for your blog posts, but don’t know where to start, check out this image generation feature.

Pricing: There’s a free trial available; and then you can pick from saver plan, or premium plan, which cost $9 per month and $29 per month respectively.

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Best AI Essay Writing Tools

If you’re a student, you’re very familiar with the struggles of writing essays; they’re lengthy and time consuming. However, I’m not encouraging you to cheat, by the way. But! Every once in a while if you need some inspiration, you can turn to these tools for help. Don’t copy it entirely though; just utilize them for writing patters and info.

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This is an AI essay generator that produces essays depending on your input, by using something called “autocomplete.”

While you’re writing your essays, it’ll suggest the next words you can either choose to use or ignore. However, here plagiarism can be an issue, so thankfully Jenni.AI has a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is free from it.

It’s a great option to save time and write essays more efficiently.

Pricing: This writing tool has a free version, which is limited to 200 words per day, however if you want unlimited options, opt for the premium version for $20 per month.

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ChatGPT: Ah, everyone’s favorite writing tool. You don’t even need to be familiar with the concept of artificial intelligence to know about ChatGPT, as it took the world by a storm with Its emergence.

This one is a bit different than the other one I mentioned; this one is actually a chatbot, with whom you can communicate, ask questions and give text instructions. It generates answers according to the command you input. Be sure to be very specific with your instructions though. This tool is ideal for research purposes, and to see examples of what you want to write.

Pricing: you can use it for free, but for faster responds and better features, you can sign up for a paid account for $20 per month.

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AI Writing Tools FAQs

How can AI improve writing skills?

By correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. It can also provide you with ideas and platters of writing.

What are the limitations of AI writing tools?

They’re still not as capable as humans, so they often lack understanding, context and emotional tones.

How does AI writing software work?

By scanning existing data from the web.

How is AI writing changing content writing?

It makes writing easier and more accessible, yet too much reliance is uncalled for.

Are AI writing tools free?

Yes, there are plenty of options that are free, while some are paid.

How does AI write stories?

It employs advanced algorithm analysis to write stories and essays.


To put it in a nutshell, AI writing tools are helpful and efficient in many ways, however, they don’t dethrone human writes like myself. Had to add it in there. But yeah, you can use them to learn writing and make your experience a little easier.

Yet don’t be too dependent on them. They’re designed to provide companies with quick fixes and improve efficacy, but still stay true to your own ideas, as well as your own capabilities.

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