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Novel AI Storytelling is an exquisite craft that requires a lot of care; to convey a message through words is a form of art in itself.

In today’s world, it’s more vital than ever to be well articulated, and with the help of AI, some can improve in that field. One such AI writing tool is Novel AI.

Won’t it feel amazing to write stories easily with no hassle? Well, Novel AI can help you in that case.

Over here, I’ll try to enlighten you about this AI text generating tool to assist you in writing, texting and learning.

What Is Novel AI?

Let’s begin with an introduction; Novel AI is a text based authorship tool that uses AI to generate storylines. It can even generate AI images that’ll suit your story, and the characters of the story. 

It also helps greatly to overcome writer’s block, if that’s something you struggle with. To give your creative juices a nudge, this’ll lead the story to a path you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. 

Novel AI uses cloud based SaaS model to produce the writings and it offers different features.

Novel AI Features & Novel AI Chatbots 

There are a few key features you can leverage when using this text based writing tool. It gives you the capability to:

  • You can write standard long texts to communicate with the bots, and undo or redo an outcome.
  • SMS based realistic roleplay with characters can be done; you can converse with them like they’re your friends. Sometimes we just need that comfort and sense of existence. It can be therapeutic.
  • Freestyle your writings to fit any genre, and any author’s writing style; may it be Shakespeare or Arthur Conan Doyle. Isn’t that exciting?
  • Record your ideas in a Lorebook, which is able to keep track of everything you note down in one place. But the AI will incorporate that into your stories to prevent inconsistencies.
  • Customize the way you write using various fonts, templates, size and shades!
  • The chatbots take the story to a different level with your guidance.

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Novel AI Image Generator 

Novel AI has a special feature that can generate unique images to portray your characters, and their reactions. It can also produce art of scenes, setups and more! Whatever theme you’re following, e.g. sci-fi, thriller, romance, or horror; it can give all the AI images you’ll need. 

To start the process, figure out your AI prompts, which is going to be a concise definition of the artistic picture you envisioned, whether it’s a city, fictional character, mythical creature or a dystopian world. 

Later, you can adjust, edit and refine the image results to your liking as Novel AI provides that option. That’s how easily your imagination can become a picturesque reality. 

In order to edit the images, head over to the image editing canvas in settings.

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How Novel AI Works?

It has two main segments that I mentioned before; 1) writing section, AKA the main function, 2) art generating section.

The writing part is completed through the popular model GPT, which is the key technology of writing generation, while the image generation happens through stable diffusion, which is a deep- learning text to image tech. Using simple Novel AI prompts and commands, users are provided with descriptive art styles.

User Interface 

Upon the opening of this application, users will be shown a dark background with several lines written on it already. This is the tutorial to guide you through its usage. 

If you go to the left, you’ll find an introductory box that contains tips to get you started. After that, you’ll have to add your own lines to the preexisting ones, so the AI will resume the story. The better you use the advice given, the better the AI will respond.

This feature is especially helpful if you’re already writing a story, but don’t know how to carry on with it. You can now go ahead and send the prompts to the AI.

The AI will respond to your prompts; to continue your story. It’s pretty easy to navigate from here on out; just follow their tutorial precisely.

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How To Use Novel AI Text Adventure?

This AI powered option is rather realistic and is very similar to text based games of the 70s & 80s. It has a retro aesthetic, but it’s updated to be better using GPT.

Here you’ll be given a tutorial by the application, and you’ll have three choices of responses:

  • Do: allows an action to be done by you.
  • Say: allows you to speak from your point of view.
  • Story: allows you to write your story straight up.

The other features are close to what I wrote in the user Interface section, and the fun thing is the adventures can be gruesome, or gore with no filters, so no restrictions! 

Pricing Options 

I, myself, am a little bummed that it’s not free to use, however they do offer a free trial subscription. After that, you’ll have to pick a payment plan:

  • Tablet: costs $10 a month and has a lot of features, including image generation.
  • Scroll: this package is a hefty 15 bucks per month and offers more features than the last one.
  • Opus: this is the most expensive payment plan and costs 25 dollars every month, and it has unlimited image generations with all the other features.

Novel AI Alternatives 

  • DeepStory: an AI tool that’s very similar to Novel AI that fuses reality and fiction; it costs around $12.99 per month.
  • Character AI: the ultimate best option to choose for spectacular story telling! It’s also completely free of charge, and you can download their application from play store. It offers perfect opportunities to create stories, characters and mind-blowing outcomes for free! The options are endless.
  • ChatGPT: another free writing tool that helps with not only stories, but assignments and general questions as well!
  • Illusion: it can create unique content, give insights and let your creative juices flow. 
  • this is a much cheaper alternative to Novel AI in terms of writing; it provides outlines and plots for your stories for only 5 bucks a month. 


Yes, Novel AI and all the other AIs I mentioned are pretty useful tools of writing, but bear in mind that they have severe limitations. They’re still man-made inventions that will not entirely capture the human mind, and their thoughts as every individual is unique.

Although Novel AI is really fun to play around with, it sticks to the generic story lines and clichés, which intend to be generalized. So, it’s okay to use it for assistance but don’t rely on it too much. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can try it out, however don’t forget to stay loyal to your own ideas, and with that being said, have fun writing! 

Novel AI FAQs

Is Novel AI free to use?

No, there’s no free version available as of now, but you can try the free trial.

Are my generations saved in the server?

When addressing privacy concerns, Novel AI clarified that they don’t store any of your generations or images.

Will my data and prompts be saved by Novel AI?

Nope, they claim to not store your prompts or requests.

Does Novel AI hold copyright claims over my images?

Thankfully, no it doesn’t. Your images are your responsibility.

Where does Novel AI get its data?

It uses a dataset called Danbooru-based dataset.

How does Novel AI generate unique images?

By using stable diffusion tech.

Does Novel AI save data?

All data is removed when refreshing the server, according to their claims.

Can Novel AI art be used commercially?

It’s better not to use it for commercial purposes as it is inauthentic, and may be without consent.

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