Playground AI Art Generator Review 2023: Create AI Images? Pricing

As a beginner in the AI world, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled on many AI tools; may it be for writing or for art. Playground AI is one of those tools, which can help make your life a tad bit more interesting.

It’s still important to understand the attributes of this AI, what it is and how it works, so today I’ll walk you through all the things you need to know to get started.

What Is OpenAI Playground?

Let me first tell you what it is; playground AI is one of the top AI text-to-art tools, which is free and simple. It allows you to generate a thousand pictures on a daily basis; these pictures can be used for commercial purposes as well.

This is a great option for artists who are new and are looking to learn, however it doesn’t provide the best results. It’s still good enough to get started.

Playground AI Features

  • Playground AI has some really interesting qualities that help your art a great deal:
  • Editing your artistic images to your liking.
  • Expand the pictures past their original edges; grow or shrink the size.
  • Eradicate objects that are distracting however you like.
  • Make objects fit into different scenes to take your art to the next level.
  • Bring your ideas into reality.
  • Create unique logos without much experience, or expertise.
  • This is the most astronomical feature; you can team up with other users and create art together! Gather new ideas.

Best Free AI Art Generator For Beginners

Okay, this the greatest part; playground AI is completely free of charge! This is especially helpful for new artists as cost is a big factor. It provides exceptional guidance for beginner artists to progress to professionalism.

Playground AI offers filters, AKA style guides that help with art models; these filters add more depth to the text prompts to produce better quality arts, by making the instructions clearer for the AI to process, rendering it one of the best tools for newcomers.

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Playground AI Tech & Interface

Its user interface is very easy to comprehend and to use; you’ll see the text prompts section and image to image section on the left side. Look over at the right side to find the amount of images to produce, prompts guidance scale, image quality and other details.

Just like many other text to art AI tools, this one also mainly relies on stable diffusion models to generate the arts, but there are a few more techs; namely playground v1 and DALL.E 2. You can choose from any of these models. Playground v1 is the weakest one, while stable diffusion 2.0 is the strongest.

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How To Create Playground AI Art?

This brief guide can help you through the basics.

  • Before doing anything else, first sign up for an OpenAI account; you can do so from both computer and mobile. Head over to their website and you’ll find the sign up option.
  • After you provided all of the information to start, you’ll be led to the main home. Just like I mentioned in the interface segment, you’ll see multiple options on the left and right side.
  • Feel free to explore the various shapes, colors and layouts. The speech to art section is the one you’ll get the most use out of, for image or art generation.

Playground AI Pricing:

Although you can access it for free, there’s also a paid version available, which offers more enhanced features and settings.

The pro plan costs $15 per month, allowing you to generate even more than a thousand pictures each day with more options for alterations and faster generation. Another cheaper version is also available at only $10 a month.

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What Kinds Of Art Can Be Produced BY Playground AI;

Playground AI Avatar The types of arts range from mere sketches to complex drawings to abstract art composition. It can also be used to enhance already existing artworks. It’s able to turn simple shapes to full fledged designs, and simple prompts to professional work.

To explore more of your creativity, play around with pictures too; as it can turn photos into art as well. Here’s where the avatars come in. Go to the canvas option, upload your own photo, generate prompt and voila! Few seconds later, you’ll have an animated avatar.

Since everyone now loves this concept of avatars, you should also jump on this trend and create your own! Playground AI let’s you do so very easily.

Playground AI Pros & Cons

Playground AI Pros:

  • Pricing is affordable.
  • Free version available.
  • Easy to use interface for all.
  • Options are vast and different.
  • Style & safety filters.
  • Beginners friendly.
  • Images and arts can be used commercially.
  • Editing, correction, canvas and inpainting choices make the artworks unique.
  • Unique avatars.
  • Images can be combined to make new arts.
  • Powerful editing.


  • Only four images per generation.
  • Selection models are limited.
  • The art quality itself may not be the best.
  • Requires strong internet to be fast.

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All in all, playground AI is worth a shot if you’re searching for a free AI art tool. Yes, it has its drawbacks but it’s also capable of providing you with some amazing art pieces. This is a great place to start if you’re thinking of becoming commercial as well.

However, as it’s still AI, the arts are not always from the heart, so that’s something to keep in mind. I think it’s important that you stay true to your ideas when it comes to a subject of passion.
Take everything into consideration and give this try if it floats your boat. And enjoy being creative!

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Playground AI FAQs

Is playground AI free?

Yes, it is! There’s also a paid version too for added features.

Can you use playground AI commercially?

They claim to hold no rights over your arts that the AI produces, but read through the guidelines carefully still.

Are playground AI images private?

They’re public by default, but you can click under the private session to make the images private.

How to use playground AI effectively?

When giving instructions, be descriptive and take advantage of the filters and guides they provide.

Is playground AI a chatbot?

Yes, in a way as you have to communicate with the AI to generate arts.

What tech is used for playground AI

Mostly stable diffusion.

Is playground AI safe?

It is, mostly anyway. However, this is why you should read through the privacy policies to make sure.

What are some alternatives to playground AI?

Let me name a few, so you can try them out; Midjourney AI, Fotor, Jasper art, ArtSmart. These are a few alternatives.


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