10 Best AI Voice Generators in 2024 (Text-to-Speech & AI Voice Changer)

10 Best AI Voice Generators: For as long as I’ve been around, voice overs and voice acting was about investing a mountain of money to acquire; you’d have to hire a voice actor and whatnot.

However, humans have always found their way out of their problems in life, so this one was no exception. In the current reality that we’re in, AI had taken the world by a storm; may it be for art or voice generation. 

Now, you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time looking for recording tools, voice actors and studios. If you’re an influencer or an animator, you can now easily create your own voiceovers using AI voice generators. 

Without any special hardware or expertise, AI is capable of generating human-like voices in just a few steps. You can voice over videos, or just clone someone’s voice for experiments. The options are endless!

There are a several ways as to how the voice generation works, e.g. machine learning systems, speech synthesis technology, natural language processing and such. 

In case you’re new to this topic and don’t know where to search, I’m here to tell you about the top 10 AI voice generators you can choose from, to fulfill your artistic needs! 

Murf AI: Best AI Voice Generator For Realistic Voices 

Staring off strong with one of the most favorites of users; Murf AI. This Al tool possesses an excellent algorithm to assess every detail the user commands; starting from punctuation to human-like emotions, and emphasis.

It can be used as voiceovers for videos you wish to post on social media, or training videos for your staff. This just makes it that easy. As it’s important to gain a realistic voice for these tasks, Murf AI puts in extra effort, unlike many other voice generators, to actually make the voices sound serious and human.

A few of its key features are: voice changing, voice cloning, voice editing, and voiceover. Pretty much the whole package.

It offers a variety of options to alter the voices to your liking; you can edit the pitch, pauses, stresses, accents, as well as speech. 

Now, for the pricing, Murf AI offers a free trial, after which you can opt for one of these pricing options: $20 per month for basic, $39 for pro and $99 for enterprise each month.

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Lovo AI

This is one of the leading AI voice generators on the market as we speak; it offers emotional and very spot on voiceovers for fields like marketing, education, voice acting, documentaries and even games. There are over a hundred languages available to choose from.

In order to use, you’ll simply be needed to upload the script, or document you want the AI voice generator to narrate; then you can pick your preferred voice and settings as Lovo AI will provide you with that. And that’s all! Now, you have successfully gotten an AI voiceover. 

As for the cost, Lovo AI has a 14 day free trial, and then a few payment plans: basic is for $19 per month, two pro options for $36 and $99 per month, and for the enterprise package, you’ll have to contact them directly.


Synthesys is a very powerful AI voice generator, allowing everyone to produce voices that suit their needs. It gives results in a matter of few moments for any kinds of videos, let it be for websites or tutorials.

It uses text to speech technology, also know as its shorter form, TTS, to give voices that sound professional yet real, not robotic and monotonous. And it also uses TYV, which is text to video tech for captivating media presentations for meetings.

Its features include a large library of voices; 34 female voices and 35 male voices, the options to edit range of emotions, pitch, emphasis and a preview before finalization.

There’s a free subscription for trial, but you’ll have to pay for further uses: starts from $23.25 per month and ends at $47.17 per month.

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Kits: Best AI Voice Generator For Commercial Uses

Kits has a expansive library of licensed and commercial purpose voices to choose from. Its specialty is that it directly works with actual human artists to acquire the voices. This is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a commercial usages, such as TV advertisements, vlogs, etc.

The options of voices it provides are royalty free, so there’s no problem regarding that area. A training tool is also available to get the best possible results; voices that are lifelike and engaging.

Training model is relatively simple; all you need to do is garner the audio clips you want the AI to replicate. Using its advanced algorithm, AI will decipher the tone and pitch to give you what you require.

The pricing is free for the starter pack, the it varies from $9.99 and $24.99.

Remini AI Best Video & Photo Enhancer

WellSaid Labs

This is a web based AI tool for generative AI voices to add to your files and documents. It gives you your desired results depending on how fast you can type; yes, it’s that efficient. You are free to try out more than 50 AI narrations with various styles, accents in actual time to train them!

Feel free to adjust the pronunciation and pitch as much as you want; it’s up to you while you go through the training process with the AI.

Some of its functions are: different voices available any time of the day, over 50 voices, training, edits and updates in minutes, very fast. 

After the 7-day free trial, there’s a subscription available for 49 dollars a month, 528 dollars each year. visit official website


Altered employs many different types of audio editor technologies and combines it into one super app; a next gen tool indeed. 

It can be run online, along with locally run options for Mac and windows. Helps assisting in dubbing, transcriptions, narrations, etc. You’ll also be given the options to modify your own voice, if you want and add that as a voiceover.

Its speech to speech technology is what makes it stand out from the rest, as it makes the job ten times easier, yet it has a text to speech tool too, therefore Altered carries tons of options.

Let’s see the main features: over 70 languages, using your own voice, spot on transcription, different file formats, voice editing options for emotion filled, and lifelike voices. 

The pricing options: free trial and then there’s a creator pack for $49 per month, a pro pack for $150 per month. If you want the enterprise package, contact them to discuss.

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Listnr: Best Free AI Voice Generator 

Coming through with yet another strong choice on the market; a text to speech AI voice generator that works for many types of formats; for example, selection of the voice genres, accents, pauses in between phrases & words, certain stress for emphasis, etc.

This is the ideal option for recording and editing podcasts as it can shift genres to fit a category. It can be used to monetize your podcasts on Spotify, YouTube and other social media platforms. However, read through the guidelines to understand the terms better, and that goes for every one of these AI voice generators I have mentioned.

Its special functions are: customizable audio recordings, can be personalized according to the listeners, great audio analytics.

Payment plans: this is the best part of this one. It actually has a completely free version, where you can voiceover 1000 words per month and the storage will be limited to 1 GB.

The options are limited though, so you can choose the paid version as well: starts from only $9 per month to $99 per month.

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Voice Over By Speechify 

This one is very versatile as it can convert emails, PDFs, docs and articles to speech, depending on the web. In case you’re not in the mood to read, you can use this to convert those written files to audio, so you can listen instead of reading!

You can edit the reading speed; fast forward it, or slow it down, which makes it perfect for when you’re in a rush. You can give your important files a quick listen while still running errands; saves time and effort!

It has over 200 voices in its library to pick from, and can recognize over 15 languages when it processes the texts, making it efficient. 

Key functions: 15 plus languages and accents, versatility, custom audios.

Pricing: it has a very version with very limited options, but you can still work with it. Afterwards, there are yearly packages available for $288 per year and $385 per year.

Resemble AI

Just like the other ones mentioned here, resemble AI is also a text to speech AI tool, providing excellent results. You can make podcasts, audiobooks and review videos with it. Especially for those who are auditory learners, tools like this are very important.

The app is simple to navigate; with just a few tutorials and guides, you can work your way around it. Feel free to edit the voiceovers however you want and then you can download the audio file, in mp3 format. 

Important features: now, this has a really fun option to clone your own voice to add to videos, or transcripts. It’s really cool to play around with. You can also adjust the emotions of the AI, which will greatly impact the final results, so make sure to make it worth while.

Payment choices: you’ll be given a 7 day free trial, once it’s over, you can either subscribe or cancel. If you do subscribe, then your cost for it will start from 30 bucks per month.

Play.ht: Best AI Voice Generator For Beginners 

Ending the list off with a blast; Play.ht is undeniably one of the best on the market, with its responsive algorithm and features.

This AI tool generates voices from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Google. It’s an amazing choice for transforming text to more natural voices; it let’s users download the files as MP3 &WAV. 

To use it, you have to choose a voice that you like, then import or type in the texts for it to be converted. The audio file can then be changed using SSML tags, styles of speech and such. It’s easy and efficient. In fact, Play.ht is currently being used by quite a few big brands, which increase its credibility.

Vital functions: conversion of blog posts to audio files, in real time voice synthesis, more than 570 accents and voices, realistic voiceovers. 

These features allow for opulent results that sound engaging and real; the authenticity of the artificial voices can be edited based on real time voice changing effects. 

Price plans: this is what makes it beginner friendly, as it offers a pretty good version for free. But for enhanced options, there’s a paid membership starting from $31.2 per month. 

AI Voice Generators’ FAQs

How much audio do you need to make an AI voice?

For training purposes, you’ll need 60 to 90 minutes worth of recordings.

How do AI generated voices work?

Using machine learning systems and neural network

How accurate are AI voices?

Pretty close to the real thing. 

How do I make AI generated voices sound more human?

Edit properly and train. Choose the right tools

What are the benefits of AI voiceovers?

Saves time, money and gives great results.

Are AI generated voices copyrighted?

Yes, some of them are and some aren’t. Either way, you should always read the policies and procedures.


AI voice generators can certainly make your life easier, with its abilities to save time and give realistic results, it really proves its efficacy. There are plenty of options and features too, even for commercial uses.

However, it’s important to understand if it’s worth it, or not. Especially, for voice acting. Yes,  AI can be human-like yet it’s still not going to catch everything perfectly, so it’s important to understand that. Human emotions may not always be conveyed properly.

These are still very useful though; so do try them out and don’t forget to read the guidelines carefully. Have fun!

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