AI Dungeon Review: Prompt, Master, Alternative for 2023

AI Dungeon Only gamers know the joy of a game that can lead to infinite possibilities; the option to go on unlimited adventures.

Let it be fictional, or real, everybody wants to escape the grip of life and responsibilities now and again. If you’re one of those adventurers, you may want to try AI Dungeon. With countless choices and adventures, gamers and even regular users, have grown to love this game.

Over here, I’ll provide you with enough information to get you started, so you can enjoy this wondrous AI tool!

What Is AI Dungeon?

Let us begin with the most obvious question; AI Dungeon is a text–based adventure game that uses artificial intelligence to take you on adventures.

You can play the game both on single player, and multiplayer settings. With the help of AI, you are free to create your customized adventures, as well as AI prompts.

The game was first launched in May of 2019, while the second version was released later that same year in December. The second version had been named ‘AI Dungeon 2.’ Both of them were great to play, but AI model was reshaped again in July of 2020 for further updates.

AI Dungeon Prompts & Dungeon Master

AI prompts refer to the 2000 character attributes of a situation that will be the starting point of your adventure. Here, you can customize freely; you can include information of the characters’ personality traits, location, people surrounding the area and details of the adventure.

This will help you build a world that you’ll experience through virtual reality. What you say and write will create your possibility; isn’t that exciting?

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AI Dungeon Master

Now, Dungeon Master is basically the game master that gives you some sort of an exposition. It gives you information about the scenario, how you can play and the impacts of your actions. You can also set yourself as a Dungeon Master, in case you’re playing the multiplayer mode with others.

Technology Behind AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon employs technology like generative pre-trained transformer 2, AKA GPT 2, and GPT 3, in order to create endless outcomes. These techs are some of the most advanced AI models you can find today. They let the AI bots generate unique replies based on what you say, which makes it feel very authentic.

AI Dungeon App Store Download: Can I Download It From App Store?

Thankfully yes, the game is available on Google Play Store and App Store to download; all of the devices are allowed to have access, namely Android, iOS and PCs as well.

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How To Play AI Dungeon; An Easy Beginner’s Guide

AI Dungeon has very simple guidelines and rules to follow. It’s free too; even if you’re new to the gaming world, you should face no trouble working your way around it. Let me help you understand better:

The game’s main shtick is how interactive it is, such as how it asks you questions, replies to your questions, and how you can create your own world.

You can play solo or with other people. To begin playing and to start your journey, you’ll need to use three main words.

  • Do: This step involves inserting a verb, and then a descriptive action to set the tone.
  • Say: Talk to the AI dungeon bots to communicate with them about your adventure.
  • Storyline: Write down a story and invent a scenario where your adventure will take place.

AI Dungeon characters are always open to customization, as they take commands. Remember to be descriptive with your words.

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AI Dungeon Author’s Note

Author’s note is usually up to three hundred characters in length, but you can keep it shorter. However, keep in mind that if you use up too much space with Author’s note, it will also use space from the storyline as the space is limited.

Author’s note does help improve the interface a little but it’s entirely optional. If you want, you can just skip this step.

This step can be used to give characters more information that weren’t included in the last pages, for example the story’s genre, the key plot and point of views.

You can include any other information that the AI can utilize right then and there to improve the adventure. The author’s note has a specific formatting, so you must follow that.

Now, how can you find the option for author’s note? Go to the right sidebar and find the ‘story’ tab in the settings called ‘prompt.’ Once you click on it, you’ll be given the options to leave a note. And there you go!

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AI Dungeon Solo & Multiplayer Mode

AI Dungeon offers two modes to play in; single player mode will only be you playing with your characters, while multiplayer gives you more players to play with.

Multiplayer can be a fun and collaborative way to interact with people, and making the adventures more exciting. It has a few key features:

  • It’s accessible to everyone; both online players and local players.
  • Players can all determine where the story goes; they take turns in communicating with the AI. So, it’s vital to make sure that all players are on similar terms.
  • The storyline will unfold in third person and not second person.
  • The host is often the dungeon master who keeps everything prim, and oversees the game.

Tips To Navigate AI Dungeon Better

You should be as specific as you can with your command as the AI needs clear instructions. The AI bots don’t usually remember everything, so you’ll have to keep reminding them of the pending situations. Do it subtly.

Another thing I found helpful was to not use negative terms while chatting with the AI, e.g. don’t, can’t, didn’t.

The AI characters may not respond to it, so use antonyms instead. Remember the game isn’t perfect but you can still have fun. Also, refrain from giving too many instructions at once; communicate with no more than two characters at the same time; don’t overwhelm them.

 AI Dungeon Payment Plans

Although there’s a free version available for players, it has limited gaming options. If you want to have more fun, opt for their paid plans. There are a few you can pick from:

‘Adventure plan’ costs $9.99 per month, ‘Hero plan’ costs $14.99 per month and ‘Legend plan’ is available for $29.99 per month.

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Cool Things To Do In AI Dungeon

Apart from the fun adventures, there are a few more things you can do with AI Dungeon; there’s a cool trick you can use to make the characters more interesting.

In story mode, type ‘Luigi’s perspective.’ This trick will tell you characters’ thoughts and perspectives. You can use this setting for another purpose too; try it on inanimate objects as well to see what they’re thinking.

Free AI Dungeon Alternatives

I know that this game is really fun and we all love it, but in case it’s a bit expensive for you, you can try these free options. But AI Dungeon also actually has a free version, however you can also give these a try:

  • ShortlyAI: This AI game is more focused on writing, but has functions very similar to AI Dungeon. It even helps you overcome writer’s block and build great characters for free.
  • Dreamly.AI: It is exactly what it sounds like! Use this to make all of your dreams come to reality; I mean virtual reality. They offer a vast library of dreams to create your stories.
  • NovelAI: This is a great pick for authorship, however it has both a free and a paid version.
  • Plot Generator: For infinite ideas and writing, plot generator is a free tool to get your imaginations going. You’ll have to be in charge though and keep reminding the AI of certain events.
  • Storytime Sam: This AI tool is also free for all and tells you about all kinds of stories you can read and write! You’re capable of modifying your stories by customizing the characters’ age, description, traits, physical looks and personality.

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Dungeon AI FAQs

Can anyone see my AI Dungeon?

No, unless you give permission, your data won’t be accessible. However, Dungeon AI reads your feedback and prompts to improve the AI.

Is AI Dungeon free?

Yes, it does have a free version but the options will be limited. You can still play though!

Does AI Dungeon have a limit?

No, you’re open to unlimited plays and outcomes.

Can I play AI Dungeon without an account?

Currently, the platform requires all users to have an account to play.


To put in a nutshell, it’s truly amazing and wonderful how far AI has come. With tons of possibilities and stories, we can all learn and grow.

I’ve given you a guide to Dungeon AI, as well as its alternatives, so if you are eager, try them out and have fun customizing your world!

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