Doctrina AI: Exam Generator, Essay Writer, Notes, Quiz Maker, Chat Bot 2023

Doctrina AI: Are you a student looking to make your studies just a tad bit easier? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In case you find essay writing to be a jarring experience, I’m about to tell you how it can get easier.

Doctrina AI; an AI writing tool that has taken over the world of education. You can use it for ideas and information. So, without further Ado, let’s dive in!

What Is Doctrina AI Writing Tool?

This a helpful AI tool, which is powered by GPT-3’s natural language processing, allowing people to learn by employing a myriad of AI techniques. It not only imitates human intelligence, it can also provide various insights and instructions.

Doctrina AI had been made in such a way that it fits every learner’s caliber, technique and style. Its special features make it stand out when it comes to essay generation, however don’t copy the work, just take inspiration.

You can even use it to craft examinations; it makes the processes easier, smoother and faster, even for teachers.

Some of the features are so captivating that it’ll certainly make education more enjoyable, so here I’ve listed a few. Take a look to know more.

Doctrina AI Features

Alright, amongst its many features, the exam generator seems to be the most favorite one, therefore we should begin with that:

  • Exam generation: The tools provided for this field are precise, and comprehensive. They furnish you with facilities to tailor the tests after specific books, authors, patterns and guidelines. It gives you personalized questions to best fit the requirements, regardless of what subject you choose. It’s truly a lifesaver.
  • Taking notes: One of the best features for students, this function allows users to assemble their notes to make them easy to grasp. You can highlight the main topics & themes, which increases engagement.
  • Taking Quizzes: Ideal as a study aid, this quiz feature collects data from the materials you provide, in order to formulate important quizzes. It helps learn more through short questions, increase your attention span and memorize vital topics more efficiently. By letting you pinpoint your mistakes, it makes you learn faster with minimal efforts.
  • Essay Writing: To ignite your writing side into motion, this feature gives a strong foundation to etch down your groundwork for essays. It lays out ideas, information, patterns and formats based on the subject you input, by solely fixating on it. This can help you polish your work further, yet don’t depend on it entirely. Just use it as an enhancement.
  • Chatbot: Look at this function as your personal AI assistant; it’s curated to answer your queries, give crucial information on a selected matter and guide you to better writings. Whether you need to clarify a confusion, or search for inspiration, this one is ready to assist.

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How To Use Doctrina AI?

Now that you know about it enough, let’s discuss how you can use it to your benefit; first and foremost, remember that this tool only comes as a web version, so head over to their official website and sign in. It’ll only require a few minutes.

Once you fill up the signup form, you’ll become an official user. Then, you can see the main dashboard, which will have the five features I stated previously: Notes, Exams, Quizzes, Essays & Chat.

I’ll tell you how you’d be able to use each tool:

  • Notes: Tap on this option, then insert a subject or class name, e.g. marketing and finance. Next, you’d be able to see a field called “Class Content.” Here, you can use a series of segments that are related to your notes and subject, and begin taking notes. Click submit to finish.
  • Quizzes: This one is very easy; just choose the topic you want the quiz to be about, and select a difficulty level. You’ll have three options: easy, hard and medium. Click submit once done. If you want, you can check the answers and restart the quiz.
  • Exams: When you press on this option, you’d eventually be shown a screen with fields like author, book subject, book topic and difficulty. These are all the data needed to formulate the exam questions; just fill them in and you’re done.
  • Essays: In this interface, you can see these options: “topic,” “focus on” and “type.” Complete these fields and you’d be given latest essays depending on the information you entered. Just take some inspiration from there and you’re good to go.
  • Chat: It’s just a really simple back and forth conversation with a bot; simply ask questions and it’ll give you answers. This feature is similar to ChatGPT, as well as other GPT chatbot platforms. You can easily navigate it without any problems.

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Doctrina AI Pricing

You are able to use it for free, if you’re okay with limited features. The free version has two functions: Notes & Quizzes.

For the other three features, you have to sign up for the premium version, starting at $10 per month. However, they have a great refund policy; if you’re not satisfied with their service, you can apply for a refund without any questions asked. This platform is certainly worth a try.

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Is Doctrina AI The Best Educational Technology Tool?

To some people, yes, it may be the best. However, it really differs based on what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re a teacher and need to use an exam generator, you’d find Doctrina AI to be very helpful. Yet some people simply don’t require such assistance. It’s all up to you, but it’s safe to say that this AI tool is certainly changing the game of education.

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Doctrina AI FAQs

Is Doctrina AI free?

Yup, it does have a free version with limited features.

Is Doctrina AI exam generator free?

No, that feature is only available for the premium version.

Is Doctrina AI safe to use?

It’s mostly safe but they’d still need to collect some data, so read their privacy policy to understand.

What is the use of Doctrina AI?

It helps with educational needs, such as exams, quizzes, notes, etc.

What technology does Doctrina AI use?

OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

What’s Doctrina AI’s cost?

10 bucks per month for the paid version.


Simply put, Doctrina AI is an amazing choice for educational purposes with its versatility, and features. It makes life a little easier for learners, as well as teachers. But it’s worth mentioning that nobody should be reliant on it too much. Sure, they’re helpful, yet too much dependence can harm your creativity.

In this world of AI, it’s very important to use these tools wisely and efficiently; find the balance but don’t forget to have fun too!

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