US Grading System for International Students 2024

10 facts you should know about the US grading system? The USA Grading system is unique. From childhood most of the countries students get to know that us have all high quality education, their students more intelligent. But have you think ever why their so intelligent and what is their education system that make them high qualified?

Let’s, go deep into this topic and know more about Us grading system. It will help you to think wisely when deciding your children education or your higher education.

What is US Grading system?

This is the educational system in USA. In which students enroll in education system in 3 stages . US have 3 ways of educational facility 1. Public, 2. Private, 3. Home based. Every state governor of college, and school makes a guideline for marking or grading and others in US education system.

Basically, these are for public institutions but these guidelines cooperate with private and home bases education.

Stages of US Grading system?

In US education system total 12 grades that start from 5 or 8 years and complete it in 16 or 18 years. US grading system have 3 stages.

  1. Stage 1: grade 1 (5-8 years age )
  2. Stage 2: Grade 2-10
  3. Stage 3: 11 – 12 ( 16-18 age)

In usa up to 12 or secondary education financing by the government and education compulsory. ALL citizen need to be educated later they can choose further study or higher study.

Each state government after creating educational regulation it follow from grade 1 to 12.

In assessment exam, they provide letter grade marks from A to F and Each letter given by percentage students make by completing number of questions and quality of answer.

Then at the end of course final result made with gpa grading score. In usa grading system letter grade determined by percentage number that is given below :

  • A- Highest grade that is 90-100% marks.
  • B- That is above average marks which is 80-89% .
  • C- That is average marks which is 70-79% .
  • D-That is just passing marks which is 59-69% .
  • F- That is fail o-59% . You need to try again with hard work and dedication . You can get better result next.

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Quality of education of US grading system:

Us student are high qualified everyone know it. Their skill and general knowledge too strong that only 15 years child won world ranking top position on mathematics literary .
It is higher standard that’s why when any student want to study usa they need take part in assessment to check skill and knowledge similar to us 12 grade passing students .

Student output after completing US Grading System:

After passing 12 grade few students go for certification courses or little education take only 4% then more than that go for diploma 46% and after that go for honors or masters or PhD 44%.

University education in the USA:

In usa Honours course are 4,5,6 years duration 72% go to 4 years course. 12% go 5 years courses, and 6% go 6 years courses. Each university have their own marking point for admission or exam assessment but here nearly common to every university gpa 4 score grade.

Yearly all assessment result come in gpa in university level. Also there have technical class beside academic classes that’s very wonderful step to make them more skilled.

Any job seeker wants student to hire after completing 1 technical part. That is written in the job contract so it is effective for getting good job .

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10 Important facts of the US Grading System:

There is no E grade:

In usa grading system there is no E grade . Is not it interesting in between D and F there is no E .
Listen here is a story very long time ago in usa E grade exist but problem is teacher thought that it is likely to get fail marks but for student and parent it considered excellent for remove this confusion they remove letter E from marking .

Education is compulsory:

The US Government financing education of their national up to 12 grade . within this period they provide best education high standard.

As government take responsibility of education mostly public institutions all citizen have scope to study and move forward in better future that improve their economy. That’s why by this good step their citizen become an asset very precious .

American choose public over private University:

More than 80% American choose public institutions,16% go for private and 4% go for home online or home schooling .

All private institutions fill up by international students and their study cost is very much high .
Many American students prefer low cost or free education that save money give good education.
That’s very good choice as you have same education with less money so why try others.

Quality points with grade:

In US grading system after grades marks there added some quality points that are based on how is exam tough or easy. your performance overall, your subject advancing or easy class choosing.

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Complicated US Grading system:

As quality point added you need to be careful as student beside exam written you have to think about how qualified can you be what should do, what course skill should you take, your team communication, behavior all these matters. Students are separated in different groups on the basis of first exam results after admitting school.

This group continues up to 12 grade. If you do well you will go well group and if average you will go average.

Honors given to passing good marks, students:

In usa grading system after passing every grade you will get Honors award . This ward vary institutions to institutions. All if Honors awards written in Latin language.

1) First award summa cum laude (3.9-4.0 gpa) – It means highest marks, highly very good.

2) 2nd award Magna cum laude (3.7-3.89) -It means very good .

3) 3rd award cum laude (3.5-3.88) – It means passed very good.

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GPA How they Calculate:

Your grade marks in whole years multiply by each subject credit then divided by total credit. That is your grade point average of that course.

US grading system is common among most of the universities:

Most us universities use 4 scale gpa . Every exam taken with GPA marking plus adding quality point.
That’s why in US universities you need to be very careful as this quality point can break you or make you.

Hire outsource staff for grading exams:

Us universities have big amount of students in classroom so teacher only taken class and exam taken by hiring exam teacher.

Basically these are post graduate masters or PhD students. So they do not know you they only know your class sheet so if you have any problem to understand anything in class ask your class teacher. It will help you on your exam sheet.

University grading similar to home country:

University have 4 scale grading system that is similar to other countries just different here you will get quality point.

Us grading system is difficult. But it is best as education system up to 12 grade free education and get high standard education that is best in usa.
Their general knowledge,skill, all highly developed up to 12 grade so after that whatever way they choose they remain strong with strong foundation.

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FAQ: 10 facts you should know about the US grading system.

Do I need to take part in any assessment exam for studying usa?

Ans: yes.

Do IELTS necessary to study usa for international students?

Ans: yes.

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