What is Kinesiology and Why a Kinesiology Degree is important in 2024?

Kinesiology is it familiar to you? But for many of us, this word is completely unknown.  Recently this subject demand has been increasing so we need to know more to get a  brighter future career. So let’s know more.

In our day to day life stress is increasing. We become stressed about work, family, health, or any issues and this anxiety, stress, and overthinking make us more fragile inside. 

We just intake stress but forget to relieve it and relax. Kinesiology helps us in this scenario.  It is related with human movement. By using many techniques it makes us relaxed and back to life with a happy body and mindfulness.

What is kinesiology?

This is the study of the mechanism of human movement. In kinesiology find out stress that harms us physically and mentally.

In kinesiology treated by using music, dance, art, and massages thus a variety of techniques that work with our anatomy, physiology, and psychology and improve our body movement.

How to Study Kinesiology?

To study this subject you can go for bachelor’s and master’s program.

  • For a bachelor’s, you need a 2.5 or above GPA in college transcript. In the English language test you need to obtain a 6.5 minimum.
  • For a master’s, you need to have a 3 or above GPA in bachelor’s degree. In the English language test, you must have 7, a letter of reference 2/3,  personal statement.

These are the basic on average requirement of many universities. Plus each university have their own rules too so be prepared with these 2 results first.  It will make your admission application easy to apply.


University and cost of study kinesiology

Few university offering this subjects. Among those few best university list and probably cost are listed check this if any of these suitable for you.

Kinesiology in usa:

Kinesiology in Canada :

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto,
  • University of Regina

Kinesiology in the UK and Australia:

University of Portsmouth (UK)
Monash University (Australia)

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Cost of tuition for 2024-25 Session:


For bachelor’s degree, tuition costs 44935$/year on campus at Michigan State University.
And BSc tuition costs 28748$/year  on campus and 13950$ / year ( online) in kansus university.

M.Sc. for 1 year duration course tuition cost  46790$/year on campus in Pennsylvania state university.


MSc for 2-year duration course tuition costs 6950$/year on campus.
MKN 1-year course tuition cost 18286$/ year on campus.  MA 2-year duration course tuition coat 6950$/year on campus in the University of British Columbia.

MSc for 2 year duration course tuition costs 20130$/year on campus in the University of Toronto.

MSc in kinesiology and health sciences 1 year duration course tuition cost 7177$/year on campus. MKIN  1.5 year duration course tuition costs 7177$/year on campus in the university of Regina.


BSc for 3 year duration course tuition cost  20853$ /year on campus.
BSc for dual degree 4-year duration course tuition cost  20853$/year on campus in the university of Portsmouth.

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Graduate specialization in kinesiology:

You can specialize in any of the kinesiology graduation programs after completing bachelor.
Here are a few specialized graduation programs listed that will give you an idea when you scroll the subject list for admission to the graduate program.

1) Sports and exercise science: Is this program you will learn many exercises, and techniques through which you can prevent or treat a sports injuries. You can work in sports organizations or school.

2) Physical therapy: Here you will learn ways to heal mind and body. You can work in hospital, clinic.

3) Nutrition: By using nutrition and fixing weight issues you can help to heal many diseases.  You will work in hospital or, clinic.

4) Chiropractic: you will learn about musculoskeletal, nervous system diseases and will this issues. Work in hospital or clinic.

5) Occupational therapy: In work probable health issues diagnosis and treatment you will learn. Office based team, hospital,clinic setting you will work.

6) Massage therapy: You will learn soft tissue points where touching pain, health issues reduces and fixed these issues.

7) Recreational therapy: music, art thus many recreation means how to probably use to heal and make a healthy to get back to normal life you will learn here.

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Kinesiology Job and Carrier:

List of common jobs:

1) Athletic trainer: Now every country has sports involvement. Many organizations, schools, colleges, and universities need trainers so kinesiology graduates have job opportunities here.
2) Chiropractor: you can get a job in a clinic or hospital for this position or freelance home visit.
3) Message therapist: you also can get a job in a hospital, clinic, or freelance home visit.
4) Physical therapist: Hospital or clinic or physiotherapy center you can find your opportunity.
5) Recreational therapist: you can check opportunities in hospital, clinic, or freelance home visit.
6) Occupational therapist: In a hospital, clinic office visit, or home visit you can do your work.

Why kinesiology important?

Here are some principles of kinesiology that determined to make us healthy.

1) Body posture and alignment related problem correction
2) Make us relax in any circumstances.
3) Joint movement improve
4) Muscle weakness reduces and increase strength
5)  Coordination, control, and balance in body systems

Nowadays our stressful life and sedentary lifestyle create many problems.  This holistic approach can give us freedom, and relaxation and heal us physically and mentally making us noise free calm, and refreshed. That’s why this is so important for common people to solve common health issues and for physical, and mental wellbeing.

For students, this subject is a big door opening as advancing time more stress related issues come and need more kinesiologists.

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FAQ about Kinesiology & Why a Kinesiology Degree

Can I apply for master’s program without kinesiology bachelor degree?

Ans: yes but few universities want both.

Can I get a scholarship to study this subject?

Ans: yes

Which country have low tution fees to study this subject?

Ans: Canada where tuition costs can be less than 5000 euros per year.

Does the USA have high tuition costs to study this subject?

Ans: USA institution tuition fees for kinesiology are usually above 13000$/year.

Where can I get jobs after completing this graduation?

Ans: Hospital, Clinic.

Which specialization have high pay?

Ans: occupational therapist, physical therapist.

What is the average pay for a kinesiologist?

Ans: 40-60000$ per year.

Do I need to be energetic for a kinesiology job?

Ans: yes if you like exercise, sports, and physical activities then it is wonderful for you.

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