50+ American Slang Words and Phrases

American slang words and phrases: Slang are important part of day to day life. Particularly to know american slang very much necessary for education, jobs such many purposes.your mouth speech is the key to open door anyone mind. Slang creates such connection thats why i am sharing 50+ american slang words and phrases to use in your life to create more value in life.

What is slang?

It is an informal, common man daily life conversations by expression, words,phrases. Every country has their language and slangs. It give taste of one,s culture.

What is American slang?

The slang which used by americans common people that is american slang. First language of america is english. But it have many varieties according region,situation,some slang creates new, some running from from long time generation to generation. Some slang give coolness some give emphasis.

Why it is important to know slang?

Slang is the utmost part of culture, it add specification,beauty of any culture, taste of their living people. Some slang word or

Phrases means positive but officialy it means negative So if you do not know slang you will misunderstand so it is important for anyone to know better. You will not only understand their expression but also it will give them feel closeness to them so your connection,relation will speed up.

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50+ American slang words and phrases : (American slang words)

1) Adulting – Its general meaning is meeting or fulfilling social expectation of adult or mature people behavior. Such as, someone cooked food for his family. (Verb)

2) Amped – it means you desperately want something to happen and you are determind for it. Amped similar to pamped. Such as, i amped to obtain top Ranked position in Job. (Adjective)

3) Awesome – It means something wonderful or amazing. Such as, you are doing awsome. (adjective)

4) Babe – It means hot and attractive. Most means attractive.You can only use this to known person or to person whom you are very close. Never use it to unknown or formal conversation there it sounds annoying. Such as timberky is such a good babe. (Noun)

5) Bae – It is similar to babe probably they both come from baby word. Bae means hot and admired or great. But mostly used for expression of great. (noun/adjective)

6) Based- It means literalg or figurative Foundation. (Adjective)

7) Basic – it means someone who is too conventional or mainstream. so he or she is ordinary or boring person. It originated from hip hop culture. (adjective)

8) Beat – tired or exhausted. Such as, i am beat totally. (Adjective)

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9) Bet – Its means agree to someone or something. Like, okay, sure.(Interjection)

10) Bounce – Its means to leave quickly from a place,event,conversion. ( verb)
11) Bougie – pretentious wealthy or show off rich to others. (Adjective)
12) Bummer- disappointing or unfulfilling . Such as last day party was bummer. (Interjection)
13) Bassin- It origined from african american community where bassin means Dancing but nowadays it means amazing or great particularly for food.(Adjective)

14) Bust/Busted- break /broken. (Bust -verb/Busted-adjective)
15) Clapback- Quick sharp respinsed to insult or criticism. (Noun)
16) Cool- awsome,great or fantastic… (adjective)
17) Corny – it explain something over emotional or, funny or annyoing.such as, funny tell me my smile is brighter like sun.
18) Cringe- embarassing or uncomfortable to something. ( Noun/ adjective)
19) Dead/died- extreme reaction to something as it is too funny or impressive.( adjective/verb)
20) Dank: something high quality or very good. Usually use for marjuana or weed.(Adjective)
21) Ditch- a ditch means narrow,long trench in the ground. To ditch means, get rid off Something or to Escape. (Verb)

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22) Dope – saying something dope refered to as cool,great,awsome, calling someone dope means stupid (adjective/verb/noun).
23) Down – down for something means able and willing to do something. (Adjective)
24) Drip – old slang it means a person who is problrmatic and creates problem eveything.
New slang it means fasionable, cool person in positive meaning. (Noun)
25) Dude – It means something hippies,skaters, surfers which frequently use in casual conversation when talking to one another. Its similar to bruh words. (Noun)

26) Dunno- it means Do not know . Use it to whom you are close like your friend or Your age people but never use to people who are in higher position.

27) Epic fail – Big failure or disaster. ( Noun)
28) Ex – old boyfriend or girlfriend with whom they do not date now. (Noun)
29) Extra – Too much. It means someone who is very dramatic for attention. (Adjective)
30) Facepalm – Means taking action to stricking your forhead with your palm which exoress frustration but nowdays it used in online chat to indicate action.
31) Feels – when you have strong emotion for something or somrone and want to express in lighthearted way then use this.
32) Finensse – It means, If you want something take by your skill or charm but usually it use in places where cheated or been dishonest. (Verb)
33) Fire – Good,cool,impressive.
34) Flex – show off, brag or boast.

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35) Fomo – Fear of missing out.
36) Freebie – it means get anything with no cost.
37) Gas/Gassed – power or energy.
38) Geek/Nerd – if valling someonr geek or nerd it means thaf person have unusual interest to something and spend a lot if time for that and that is called in negative way or insulting But if you both have same interested thrn you both can call each kther nerd as frirndly.
39) Glow up – positive transformation or,improvement someone appearance. It is similar to old slang makeover.
40) Goat – It means greatest of all time. That use to say big compliment.
41) Gucci – fashionable, high quality,fancy
42) In – To be in fashion or, trending at the moment.
43) High – positive physical feeling.
44) Hype – excitement created by ptomotion Something exciting, high energy to a situation.

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45) Killer – In negative way,something exhausting, tough. In positive way something great,amazing,impressive.
46) Legit – Anything valid,authentic,correct.
47) Lit – exciting,fun situation or someone who has taken too much drink.
48) Looker – Its an compliment to mens good- looking.
49) Looser – Because of their behaviour do not like a person that person address as looser.
50) Low key/High key – low key is more oftenly used to talk about something, high key is less oftenly used to talk about something

50 American Slang Phrases 2023

1) Blow off steam – Releasing anger,anxiety or another strong emotion.
2) Break a leg – Fun way to wish someone good luck.
3) Bye, felicia – it means dismiss someone when you want them to go away.
4) Can i get a amen- It means Asking people to relate what you are saying or agree with you.
5) To cap/No cap – to cap means lie, no cap means no lie.
6) To check out – It means, look at or, listen to something unusual or, interesting
7) To chill out – It means, Over reachting to a situation or, getting stress over silly thing.
8) To do a solid – It means, to favour someone by illigal way.
9) To drop by / To drop in – It means, Short, unscheduled visit to someone.

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10) To dump [somebody] – it means, you have sunddenly ended romantic relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But if you are dumped it means someone do not want to date you anymore.
11) For real- It means,True,to emphasize something ir question.
12) To ghost [someone] – It means,stop respinding to someones text,email,call without warning.
13) Hang on – wait a minute
14) To hang out – It means,visiting places in your free time. When hanging out means free doing nothing.
15)To Have a blast – To have a great, amazing or, fun time in positive way.
16) To have a crash [ on somebody ] – It means,attracted to somebody. usually use in young generation.

17) To be hooked [ On something ]- It means, Addicted to something and can not get enough.
18) I can’t even – It means, In joking way to say you are overwhelm.
19) I feel you – It means you understand someone and what they are going through.
20) Living rent-free in my head – It means, you have become facinated about something and can not stop thinking about this.
21) My bad – It means, i am sorry that you can use in minor mistakes in laughable way.
22) No sweat – It means, If something not create any problem or difficulties to carry on.
23) No worries – It meabs, In responsed to thank you or, apologizes of someone.
24) On fleek – It means, perfect or flawless
25) On point – Ut means, something Exactly Right or Perfect.

26) To pig out – It means, someone who Eating food like animal quickly and passionately.

27) To ride shotgun – sitting on the passenger seat of the car right next to the driver.
28) Rip-off/ To rip off – It means It is way too expensive for what it is.
29) To slap – It means, awsome particularly of music too good it make you to go for dance.
30) To sleep on [ something ] – 2 meaning one is take time to think before making. 2 decision. 2nd kne is ignore or dismiss value of something and letting it be pass you by.
31) To send – something like music,art make you feel humor,rapture,delight.
32) Spill the tea – It means, sharing gossip

33) The struggle is real – To show empathy to someone who is going tbrough hard time.
34) To throw shade – Someone makes often sarcastic comment that is intended to insulting.
35) Touch grash – It means,spending too nuch time indoir and need to go outside for experiencing nature.
36) Turnt up/turn down- Intoxicated,excites or acting wild.
37) To wrap up [something] – finish something usually finishing meeting means.
38) Yolo – you only live once, it use to justify spontaneous or risky behaviour.
39) Bless up – Expression of gratitude or well- wishing, greeting someone.
40) Bless ypur heart – It have meaning, one is speaker is friendly wishing you well for doing something nice, 2nd is insulting a Person who acts foolishly.

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41) Brick – very cold
42) Catawampus – It means,something that is crooked or, diagonal, something that us not going the way it should.
43) Fixin’to / finna – It means, Getting ready to do or, planning to do something.
44) Hella – very,extremely,a lot of.
45) Janky – veey bad quality iteams.
46) Mad – Many or very.
47) Ope – accidently if do something wrong then say ope instead of oops, ( interjection)
48) Rad – cool,awsome.
49) Wicked- very,excellent.
50) Y,all – friendly way to address others usualy it means to address a group .


Slang is the good way to know people where you are living. Use these more often to make a bond with your community if you are in america. You will definately make someone feel good. We are social animal so for building a good, healthy, happy relations and make new friends or, to make your boring work place charming use these slang. these 50+ most commonly use slang will help you to make your happy community in school, job, bussiness, society.

FAQ of 50+ American slang words and phrases.

Can i use these slang with my friends in school?

Ans. Yes

Is it vary according to states, situation?

Ans: Yes

Do slang can be new?

Ans. Yes

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