What is a GPA Why is it So Important in 2024

What is a GPA Why is it so important? GPA  is the identification of what type of student you are. If you want to apply for undergraduate and  graduate studies you must need to submit your GPA to the applying university. particularly in USA all university, colleges  want to know your academic result by your GPA score. It is the most commonly use techniques for result scoring.

What is GPA?

It is grade point average . That means in your course of study in that program on average what is your score thought out year semester, terms, and it have a scale of 1-4, your average marks on that scale determined are you low or average or high quality student. 

This mark standard  specification given by particular  educational bodies. In each phase of study it represents your past academic qualifications. Your GPA can high or low and it show how much you improved or not.

Below list of university around the world who are accepting medium or high grade  obtaining  students for  masters program: 

  • UK- University of Portsmouth
  • USA- James Madison university 
  • France -PSB Paris school of business
  • Switzerland- Geneva business school
  • Malaysia- Taylor’s University 

How to Calculate GPA?

Total marks multiply with their credit point then divided by total credit point then we get averag . 

For, example, If you take 3 subjects and their credits for subject 1 2, subject 2 2 and subject 3 3. And your marks in 3 subject such 2,2,4 that multiply with their credit 2×2,2×2,4×3 =4+4+12=22 that divided by  total credit 2+2+3=7, 22÷7=3.14.

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Types of Grading system? 

Any result you get either any of these system such as Numerical, letter grade, percentage system and so on .Here for Each system high marks are A,10,5,100%. If you get A it is same as 100% or 4 in gpa. 

Below is the few common grading system use around the world. 

  • A-F: USA, Canada, Thailand, Saudi Arab.
  • 1-10: Netherlands, Colombia, Latvia, Israel
  • 1-5: Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia
  • Percentage: Kuwait, Belgium, Hungery, Poland 

To make your result easily readable and translate to other countries language   one scoring system use in Europe that is  the  European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS) .Thus system use by many university and countries and make it easy for students to recognized their result in other countries.

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Types of GPA System? 

UnWeighted: It is usually use in 4 scale  where your exam easy or, tough does not matter for your result  . 

Weighted: It is  5 score scale . your exam difficult or easy that affect in your result. If you get 4 in difficult exam then in weighted system you will get 5 but if your exam easy then your 5 score will be 4.

Cumulative: This is the GPA that you obtained throughout the year in your semesters,term exams. It is  short time or temporary grade . 

Overall: This is the GPA that is average gpa at the end of course. That is calculated by using  yearly semester, terms grades.

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What is Good or high GPA? 

Good Grade vary on your educational position. If you are in school high  marks easy compare to higher education. So it’s better not to compare and only use their average throughout year to check their improvement or good grade.

Good GPA for school?

Your grade can affect your application for college or university. 

Some high rank college or university want high grade usually 3.5 or above and some college or university accepts low grade 2.5 or as low as 2. 

So it’s depends which college or university you want to go and  in school with  weighted gpa system your details will be taken  either you take advancing classes or, easy classes or, how is your performance.

College or university will choose anyone who have gpa plus taken advance  classes have extra activities, skills.

That’s why, do not fear of working or learning try hard do well you will be accepted everywhere. 

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Good GPA for Higher Education (College, University)

Good grade is necessary in college or university fir scholarship, funding ,financial or join Ina club,associatio ,extracurricular activities. Or to continue further study in masters or PhD.

  1. But for applying college or, university good gpa varies according to institution or, programs. 
  2. Some institution take low gpa but it is good  for that institution again some take high grade such as 3 or more but  they want topper . 
  3. Obtain good grade in one semester is easy but it difficult to maintain all year. 

If you get good  grade all semester but drop few semester grade then you need to work hard to overcome and  you will get it .

But if you get low grade always and few semester good then you have to think what you want low or high because if you want high you need to  work more harder 

It’s much difficult to obtain good marks on final score after getting g low grade  long times.

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Importance of GPA:

It is the only number to know  how hard working student you were. If you have high grades in indicates you work hard for achieving it and you will be right candidate for any organizations, any places want hard working good qualified person. 

But if you have low gpa it does not mean that you are not intelligent and hard working .you may have some reason that’s why probably you can get low gpa that’s why any organizations, college, universities, scholarship committee, clubs, associations check other qualification like cv, test result tea curriculum  activities, community  activities, skill, hobby, writing, writing thus many .

Online Masters for any GPA:

Online masters is flexible you can learn from anywhere. It is flexible for academic result and required less cost or no cost.

List of online university given below that you can apply and get admitted without much effort .

  • Walden university 
  • Arden university 
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Royal roads university 
  • RMIT
  • The university of law
  • London school of business and finance.

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Conclusion :

Gpa is necessary for multiple purposes but besides gpa you are a person who have many other. qualifucation,achievements, soft and hard skill. You have your own story and own goal so gpa is important but not everything to get a opportunity . 

FAQ of what is GPA and why is it so important? 

Question: Can I apply to USA universities with grade 3?

Answer: yes few university accepts 3 or more.

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