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Voter ID Card Check Online | NID Card Check

How to Voter ID card check Online in Bangladesh:  Voter ID card is one of the most important things for all. Above 18 years you have to need voter ID card in every official, unofficial work. If you lost your voter ID card or if suddenly you need voter ID card but that time it can be not with you that time you can check your voter ID card check on online. This process is very easy. Here are few steps-

How to ID Card Check Online Step by Step

Step-1. First you have to visit here.

Step-2. Then you have to register with your NID number or f the slip number of your voter registration form in the first box.

Step-3.  After that you have to type your date of birth in the second box and fill the following captcha correctly.

Step-4. Then you have to put your present address and permanent address details correctly

Step-5. After that you will get another page here you have to allow to send verification number to your mobile number. You can also change your phone number if you want.

Step-6. Verification number have to submit on the website

Step-7. When you can see there are a QR code. you have to install NID WALLET apps in another device.

Step-8. Then you have to scan the QR code and verify your face opening your camera.

Step-9. When you will complete your verifying automatedly you will see your NID card

Step-10. Beside your card you can see a download option by which you can download your NID Card.

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