NID Card Check Online in Bangladesh

How to NID card check Online in Bangladesh: ID card is one of the most important things for all. Above 18 years you have to need a voter NID card in every official, unofficial work. If you lost your voter ID card or if suddenly you need a Bangladeshi NID card but that time it can be not with you that time you can check your NID card check on online. This process is very easy. Here are a few steps-

How to NID Card Check Online Step by Step

Step-1. First, you have to visit the NID CARD Official website here.

Step-2. Then you have to register with your NID number or f the slip number of your voter registration form in the first box.

Step-3.  After that, you have to type your date of birth in the second box and fill the following captcha correctly.

Step-4. Then you have to put your present address and permanent address details correctly

Step-5. After that you will get another page here you have to allow to send a verification number to your mobile number. You can also change your phone number if you want.

Step-6. Verification numbers have to submit on the website

Step-7. When you can see there is a QR code. you have to install NID WALLET apps on another device.

Step-8. Then you have to scan the QR code and verify your face by opening your camera.

Step-9. When you will complete your verification automatedly you will see your NID card

Step-10. Beside your card you can see a download option by which you can download your NID Card.

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