IELTS Exam Prediction 7th January 2023

IELTS Exam Prediction 7th January 2023: This prediction for both Academic and General training candidates.
In 2023, this is the first exam, the overall test is going to be moderate. So, dear candidate doesn’t worry about it keep practicing to do better in the exam. I share the idea about the real exam on 7th January.

Listening Test For IELTS Exam 7th January 20213

Test is going to be easy to moderate:

  • Part-1,4 is going to be one word only and the audio is normal speed.
  • Part 2-map, single multiple choice and double multiple choice are important but
  • Part 3 can be a little confusing because of multiple-choice questions and matching. These two types are extremely important for 7th January IELTS exam.

The idea of listening test: Australian, British and American English accents will be found in listening test.For better preparation, you will practice Cambridge books 11 to 17, because these books are contain all these types of questions.

IELTS Prediction for Reading Module 7th January:

Reading for both Academic and general training

For academic candidates reading test is going to be easy to difficult.I suggest that if you want to achieve a decent band score definitely you have to practice continuously and you will be better in this module. From my personal experience I did better to follow the real exam prediction.Before my exam I follow the idea of question type and got 90% common question type.For 7th January IELTS exam the important question types are given below-

Academic reading

Passage 1=

  1. Sentence completion with one word only, no more than two and three words.
  2. True /False/Not given, these two types of questions and answers come in order.

Passage 2:

1. Which paragraph contains the following information.
2. List of headings.
3. Completion type of question and
4. Multiple choice.

In academic reading, these types of questions are very common. Keep practicing and give your best. But one important thing is that completion and multiple choice these two type’s answers come in order.

Moving on to Passage 3:

1. Yes/No/Not Given
2. Summary completion
3. Matching.
These three types are extremely important for 7th January real exam.

Reading for general training IELTS Exam 2023

IELTS Exam Prediction
IELTS Exam Prediction

Passage 1:

1. Paragraph matching
2. True/False/Not given.

Passage 2:

1. Sentence completion
2. Short answering question are most important question type.

Passage 3:

1. Multiple choice
2. List of headings
3. Yes/No/Not given.

For both Academic and general training matching headings are most important question type which is 100%.In reading module majority of candidates are afraid but personally I suggest that don’t be panicked.Just practice more and more and try to understand the question than search in passage for answers.Learn vocabulary and synonyms.And most important part is that you have to know the paraphraseing.

7th January 2023 for writing module for Academic.

Task-1= Bar chart, Table, Line chart, and pie chart are extremely important.
Task-2=1. Discussion essay
Opinion essay, these two type are very crucial for 7th January real exam.

Examiners perspective are discussion essay is discuss both views and give your opinion. For opinion essay -advantage or disadvantage, to what extent do you agree or disagree these types of questions for both academic and general training writing.

For general training writing

  • Task 1-Formal letter which is very important
  • Task 2-Discussion essay, opinion essay which are discuss both views,to what extent do you agree or disagree, double part question.

At last, I told you all candidates that the prediction mentioned above are given according to the real ielts exam. From my point of view if you follow this question type and practice properly 100 percent sure that you will achieve a good band score.I always suggest that before your exam you must follow the predictions because it helps to prepare yourself properly.

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