How to Become a Medical Transcription? Get Transcriptionist Diploma

How to Become a Medical Transcription: If you’re set on getting a medical transcription diploma here is a quick summary of the steps you’ll need to take. The job of a medical transcriptionist is rather unique.

You won’t be involved in the day-to-day task like a medical assistant, and most likely you won’t even work in a medical office. It’s similar to medical coding in that you’ll be helping to build a patient’s medical records by taken the information provided by the doctor and transcribing into digital or text form. It’s similar to medical coding, but has its own system of codes and the two are not interchangeable.

Medical Transcription – Step 1:

Find the Right Medical Transcription School
The absolute most important and first step to getting a medical transcription diploma is to find the best learning center. Choose a school that has good instructors and the right accreditation. You may be eager to start classes, but don’t rush or skip the due diligence process. It’s a must that you get a professional education and really master the procedures involved in the job. Technology is always advancing, and companies will keep updating their medical transcription software and systems, making it crucial to go to a school that’s cutting edge.

Step 2: Focus on Your Medical Transcription Training
Once you’ve found a school with all of the requirements, it’s time to get down to business. This is meant to provide you with a comprehensive experience and your employer will want to train you as little as possible. You have to take your training very seriously and do the very best you can. You’ll be competing with your classmates in the job market, and they are all trying their best.

Step 3: Become Adept in Medical Terminology
Study medical terms as if your life depended on it. It’s the basis of what you’ll be doing and mastering medical terminology will give you a solid foundation for the rest of your career. The better you know it, the more easily your job will be, and the more impressed your managers and bosses will be of you. Not knowing it perfectly will only lead to more errors on your part, slower typing speed, and more problems for you overall. If this is your weak point, be sure to spend extra time, get a tutor, and just keep studying it until it clicks. If you still can’t get the hang of it, you might consider choosing a different path.

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Step 4: Get Your Diploma
If you’ve followed the first three steps closely you’ll have no trouble graduating and getting your certificate. Be sure to meet with an advisor to verify that you’ve met all of your requirements. Graduation is not really the last step because now you’ve got to go out and use your new skills to find the job that you’ve been wanting. Since you’re well-prepared with a strong school on your resume you should have no trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Medical Transcription Make?

You could expect to make around $50,000 but depending on the cost of living in the city and state in which you reside this could fluctuate. The highest paid transcriptionists are making around $47,000 and the lowest paid are making about $30,000. It will all depend on geographic location, years of experience, and the strength of your education.

How to become a Medical Transcriptionist?

Don’t be fooled by ads that lull you into a sense that it’s easy to learn medical transcription. Many students get stuck on medical terminology and can’t get through it. Those that do get through it struggle in the job because they don’t have a mastery of it. The best transcriptionists are the ones with the best training and the strongest grasp of medical terms and conditions. Take some practice tests and see if it’s something that comes easily to you.

Recommended Program: Kaplan University
Kaplan University is a fully accredited college that focuses mostly on distance learning. They feature a certificate program in medical transcription that you can take 100% online. They currently have over 60,000 students enrolled at the university. In our review we ended up recommending them as providing a quality education over the Internet. You should defniitely look at what they have to offer and see if it makes sense for your situation. See our full write-up on Kaplan College.

Recommended Program: Rasmussen College:

We have not yet had a chance to do a full review of Rasmussen College, but we have looked into their Health Information Technology Degree and this might provide an alternative if you’re unable to find a diploma in medical transcription. The two professions seem similar, and will have the same high demand in a growing healthcare industry. See our full review of Rasmussen College.

You Can Do It
Getting a quality online medical transcription education doesn’t have to be hard. You could very well be on your way to a new healthcare profession if you follow the steps above for your medical transcription diploma. If you still need help selecting online school programs geared towards your goals, please contact us and let us know or use the comments below.

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