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Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online

Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online: The National Identity Card or NID card is a mandatory identity document provided to every Bangladeshi citizen upon reaching the age of 18. The NID is a government-issued picture ID, similar to the Bangladeshi driver’s license, which is a biometric, microchip-enabled, smart identity card. It was implemented in 2003 to replace an older system that had been highly criticized for its lack of security.

NID may be utilized for a number of things, such as:

  • When applying a passport,
  • Create a bank account 
  • Right to vote in elections;
  • Submit a job application;
  • To purchase property.
  • Identity proof (NID card) required for police or immigration inspections while traveling abroad;
  • To obtain work with the government or entrance to institutions.

Bangladesh National ID card check Online

Using the procedure makes it simple to check your NID card online. You can find a step-by-step procedure that will take you through the entire procedure from beginning to end below. You won’t have any trouble verifying your NID card online if you carefully read the instructions and follow to them.

NID Card Check Online Step by Step

Voter ID Card Check
NID Card Check

1) Go to the official website first at in your web browser.

2) You must scroll down to the bottom of this page to reach the homepage.

3) A section for login into your account may be found when you scroll down.

4) Enter the NID card number in the blank field. For this stage, you can also use your login.

5) Below it, you’ll see an empty box where you can enter your password. Put the password you chose when creating your account there.

6) You’ll then need to solve a captcha puzzle. There is an image there with some letters and numbers on it. In the space provided for the captcha, enter them precisely.

Now, review everything to see if you’ve made any mistakes.

In such case, click Login.

You should then be sent to the last page, where you may get your NID card. The card is available for download.

If you do not have an account on the Bangladesh National ID Card official website, then you need to open an account first.  To make it easier to open an account,

Registration process for NID Card Check

Bangladesh National ID card check
Bangladesh National ID card check

Step 1. First click on the registration bottom, then

Step 2. enter your NID card number or slip number,

Step 3. Enter your date of birth and year of birth and fill in the capture and click on submit bottom.

Step 4. NID Card Check After giving date of birth, now give your account information, name of your voter area, name of district, name of department, everything as given in the voter ID card, if you are wrong, you will not be registered.

Step 5. In this step you have to verify your mobile number. The mobile number that you gave while giving the voter form will be the number on this page. If you want you can change it by clicking on the change option. Click for code A code will come to your phone. Put this code here and click for the next step.

Step 6. Verify Your Face

Then you will find all the information of your voter ID card and you will also see the download option of your ID card on the site. If you click on download, your ID card will be downloaded.

This is the process for registering voter ID card check

এই পোস্টটি সম্পূর্ণ বাংলায় পড়তে ভিজিট করুন: NID Card Check in Bangla

Follow the steps below if you can’t find the NID number in the search results:

Make a call to 105 first. Calls are accepted from any operator. There is no fee for the call. Sunday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm, you can dial (NID helpline 105 will be remain closed on public holidays).

Tell the appropriate officer your voter slip number after that.

Your NID number will be provided by the officer using the voter slip number. jot down the number.

Register using the number you were given by the officer at the following website. registration

Visit the website and log in after completing the registration.

Once you’ve logged in, select “Identity statement.” A PDF file will immediately be provided to you. Print it out by downloading

If you experience a problem when trying to access the NID site, simply click on the skip/Add exception/Ignore warning buttons to proceed.

How to Voter ID Card Check via SMS

NID card check Type from the message option of your mobile: SC <space> voter slip number <space> Date of birth. Then send it to 105 number. Your voter ID card/NID Card information in the return message Information will be provided.

Bangladesh FAQ for checking Smart NID Cards

My NID card has to be registered. In Bangladesh, how can I get an NID card?

Birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, S.S.C., or similar certificate, and TIN certificate. Copy of a service fee from the home, a receipt for rent, a holding tax receipt (to serve as evidence of address), and a copy of a citizenship certificate (as applicable). I need a copy of the ID card for your father, mother, husband, or wife. Give your complete personal information when registering for an NID card so you may receive one as soon as possible.

How can my NID card be updated online?

To finish the registration procedure, fill all required fields. Enter your card information and verification code to log in (sent to your mobile phone). Enter your information precisely, follow the instructions, and you will see your voter ID card. Additionally, the website has an ID card form that may be printed.

 In 2022, how can I check my Bangladeshi national ID card online?

Go to this address first: center. In the first box, type the slip number from the voter registration form. After entering your birthdate in this form, click the button below. “View Voter Information” should be clicked.

How can I obtain my 17-digit NID number?

If you have a voter ID card slip, you may quickly get your voter ID card’s 17-digit number on the Bangladesh Election Commission website by entering your date of birth and voter ID card number.

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