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IELTS writing task 2 sample answer about Some believe children should be taught to give speeches and presentations in school.

  • Why is this ?
  • Should this be taught in schools?

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Some believe children should be taught to give speeches and presentations in school. Why is this? And should this be taught in schools?

IELTS writing task 2 Sample Answer

It is true that some individual consider that children should learn the ability to express thoughts and to deliver presentation at school. I, however, believe that it gives children self confidence and make more progressive.

For a variety of reasons children should be taught to provide speeches and presentation. One possible reason is that, schools are appropriate place to learn something new. Teachers are the person who taught their students how to express thoughts, feeling and statements to other. In an educational institution there are numerous functions are held every year in the occasion of national days, festivials and also speech competition. These occasions are celebrated by different kinds of completion including speech and presentation. By participating different speech competition in schools learners develop their public speaking skills. Another motive is that, if they commence to deliver speeches and provide presentation among friends it will boost their confidence level. For example, when a student participate any debate contest it will assist to progress communication skills These knowledge also help them to develop working skill as well.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, giving speeches and statements in school have to be obligated because it essential for all pupils. To begin with, in our country every schools will make sure that these topic is a part of school curriculum. It will assist children to become a good speaker and gain more experience and confidence. Without participating any speech competition or conversation , they do not overcome the hesitate to speak in public place. To add more, children can be improved several ideas and learn numerous facts about presentation. For instance, when they express there thoughts with public they can successfully boost the confidence and become more progressive.

In conclusion, educational institutions should teach learners several methods about communication skills and make them confident and progressive.

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