Even though Doctors advise Old People to get More Exercise: IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS writing task 2 Sample answer. Even though Doctors Advise Old People to Get More Exercise- many old people do not get enough.

What are the reasons for this? What are some possible solutions for this?

IELTS writing task 2 sample answer. Even though doctors advise old people to get more exercise, many old people do not get enough.

Even though doctors advise old people to get more exercise, many old people do not get enough. What are the reasons behind this? And, How it can be solved?

Sample Answer:-

It is true that many doctors suggest aged people do more exercise. However, some elder person do not follow this instruction because of their physical weakness. While a variety of reasons are responsible for this problem, it can be solved definitely by taking some steps, rules, and regulations.

Numerous reasons are responsible that why aged people do not obey the doctor’s rules. One possible contention is when people get old, their physical illness can be seen. Different kinds of diseases attack them and the immunity system decrease gradually. At that time they are afraid about their health condition and think exercise causes physical injuries which makes exercise difficult to perform. They want to spend their time at home with their family and children. Another important reason is that the costs of the gym and other special courses. Nowadays, in every sectors are expensive and majority of our people belongs to middle class income. For example, the retired person usually do not possess enough money to afford that helps individuals for doing physical exercise. Some people do not get financially and mentally support from family. Also people are busy in work and money making for future, they cannot help aged people to do exercise. As a result, aged people have not any facilities and ignore the doctor advise to get more exercise.

In order to overcome these issue some effective step should be taken. Firstly, old people need to feel that exercise is a safe and pleasant way to keep fit and healthy. For this reason, their family should influence them to overcome their fear. If family relatives support them mentally and physically they are influenced and follow the doctor rules. By doing regular exercise such as morning walking, jogging and maintaining healthy diet they will be able to lead a sound life. Secondly, the administration as well as the society should take proper facilities and provide free exercise courses. For instance, they will reduce the expenses of specialized health care and exercise courses. This steps help people to inspire for physical exercise . Elder person also carry out household chores that do not require much effort.

In conclusion, many old people do not get proper exercise to build their physical health. It is because of several obstacles and it can be solved by taking some method.

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