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IELTS Reading Preparation: IELTS has four modules for both academic and general training, among them reading is the toughest part. But general training reading is easy rather than academic. Today, in this article I want to share how to boost your reading score in 15 days. I also share the important strategies for preparing the reading module. If you follow these rules you will get a decent band score in the IELTS exam. IELTS reading is hard for some students who are not able to understand sentence meanings. Academic IELTS and general training IELTS are almost similar in tips and techniques. So, let’s commence that how to prepare for IELTS Reading in a short time –

In these days you should concentrate fully in your study. If you are an IELTS candidate or you have decided to give IELTS exam definitely you should read this article carefully and follow my routine that how a student can prepare for IELTS reading module. When I appeared for my IELTS exam I also followed this study plan and got benefits a lot. I hope the candidates who follow this article you will be benefited in your exam.

So, let’s begin the study plan –

Dear candidates if you have not enough time like one month you need some materials which can be used for your preparation. There are a number of reading material on online you can easily find it. I always suggest that for preparing properly first of all you have to buy Cambridge practice test book. Cambridge 6 to 17 book has practice test each book contains 4 test . You should start from this book.

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Day 1

In the first day you have to select 1 practice test from Cambridge 6 reading passages 1 , you should collect 1 highlighter and a notebook. From passage 1 you read full passage very carefully when you star to read you would find numerous new words highlights those words. This activity is important for first day. It helps to motivate your mental health and get ready for the best preparation in reading.

Day 2

2nd day activities are the previous day passage from where you wrote new words find out the meaning and memorize then read the whole passage. If you understand the meaning of the passage it’s ok . Now, you can start to solve the questions which are given in passage 1. Follow the rules, tips and techniques after completing this check the answers. Find how many answers are correct and how many wrong. Don’t worry about wrong answers it will be ok step by step. Then research why you’re answers was wrong and analyze this very carefully. Following these strategies you will get a result after few days.

Day 3 to Day 8

In this article, I would like to share how to prepare for IELTS reading in a few days. So, follow up and read this article from top to bottom. After completing passage 1 then you have to start passage 2and passage 3. In this way you will find out important and new vocal and write down in the notebook. Read the meaning of the words and read the passage very properly. You should understand the whole passage. You will see that when you completed 2 or 3 tests your vocabulary will be improved. And will be able to solve reading passages and you score also improved. From 3rd day to 5th day you would solve 5 to 6 practice test. It will be benefited for you. After 1weak preparation try to solve reading full test and analyse the passage and answers. It will assist you to get a good score.

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Day 9 to Day 10

After completing one weak with reading preparation you will find your reading ability. For analysing yourself you should give a mock test. You have to take full reading test in last 2days. When you will get reading full test then check the answers and find out how many answers are wrong and analysis those wrong answers. You should try to solve this problems and why you could do this mistake. This is how you will be able to romove the reading problem in IELTS.

How to prepare IELTS Exam in 30 days?

All in all, I would like to tell that IELTS reading in academic and general training both are same and the tips and strategies are also similar. So, this article for both of them. If you register for IELTS exam and if you haven’t enough time for full preparation you should read this article carefully. It will help you to motivate yourself and inspire you to take preparation properly. I shared all information that how to prepare for IELTS reading within 10days. 10 days are enough if you have reading skills and you should practice regularly by following my rules. By reading this article you will get all techniques that how to get a decent band score in IELTS exam.So, if you will be benefited you can share this to your friends who also decided to take IELTS exam.

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