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GPF Balance Check Online – After two years of work confirmation, government employees are required to enroll to GPF. You must significantly contribute 5% of your basic salary to the GPF. It is not possible to subscribe to gpf above the basic level. The top 25% of the basic payment can be deducted from the monthly basic payment.

You can receive or advance money from your GPF account to fulfill personal or family needs, but you must refund the loan or advance to your GPF fund. The CAFOPFM branch of the Chief Account Office is now managed by the GPF fund. You will also be supposed to pay an advance payment. Installments might range between 50 and 12 percent of the entire amount. You may check your GPF balance check or loan payment from your mobile device by visiting Loans are available for personal, medical, home repair, child education, and other purposes. Because of the advance in technology, everything is now based online, so now you can check your GPF balance online if you want. To guide you, we have described in detail how to examine your GPF and the guidelines for submitting it.

GPF Balance Check BD – Online GPF Statement

Here are few Steps of Check GPF balance or profit by mobile in Bangladesh-

1) Simply enter CAFOPFM into Google from your smartphone.

2) Go to the first link( Pension and Fund Office of the Chief Accounts Officer

You will be forwarded to the website of Pension and Fund Management.

3) Scroll down and press the Information on the GPF Please Go Here

GPF Balance Check
GPF Balance Check

4) Enter your NID, which is used for EFT transactions.

5) Enter your mobile phone number, which will be used for EFT.

GPF Balance Check
GPF Balance Check

6) Choose or keep the fiscal year unchanged

7) Click the Submit button.

8) Check your phone for an OTP or Passcode.

9) Enter a four-digit passcode.

GPF Balance Check
GPF Balance Check

10) Click the OK button.

11) Finally You will get your GPF statement.

জিপিএফ ব্যালেন্স চেক
জিপিএফ ব্যালেন্স চেক

iBas++GPF Balance Check

জিপিএফ ব্যালেন্স ক্যালকুলেট করার নিয়ম: How to Calculate GPF Profit or GPF balance: GPF calculator

What information is provided on the GPF Slip?

Online GPF Slip – You will find the fiscal year, subscriber name, account number, NID, volume number, page number, and the opening balance, subscription, refund, total, profit, withdrawal, and closing balance. You have just received your GPF Online Statement, which you can print and use for GPF Advance or other purposes.

Can I see the GPF profit or installments paid?

Yes, you will be informed of your entire earnings, gpf balance, and installment refund from this statement. By calculating the paid refund amount, you will be able to identify your paid installment amount.

What do you need to check your GPF balance?

1. Smartphone/computer/laptop/tab

2. Internet

3) NID/Smart ID code

4) Mobile phone number used in pay fixation

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