Describe A Time When You Received Money As A Gift

Describe a time when you received money as a gift. You have to answer these questions. For IELTS exam this cue card is crucial for all candidates. I would like to discuss this topic with very easy method. about Describe a time when you received money as a gift.

-Who gave it to you?
-When was it given to you?
-On what occasion you receive it?
-How you felt about it?

Describe a time when you received money as a gift

When we receive or give a gift it gives us a great feeling. Because it is a token of love and blessings. Nowadays it has become a trend that shows our importance in other’s life.Numerous gifts are given on various occasions.Also I have received a number of gifts throughout of life from my family,friends and relatives.Today,I would like to discuss regarding a time when I received money as a gift.

Well,l vividly remember that it was my 20th birthday which I celebrated.My parents organized this day with a special way.I invited all relatives and my friends.On that special day,one of my uncle who lived in Canada came to visit in Bangladesh.Actually,he visited our house on the occasion of my birthday day.After a long time I met him because when I was at 5th standard he went Canada with his family.

Moreover, All of the invited guests gave me several gifts however,my uncle only gave cash rather than any gift item.Since he didn’t know about my like and dislikes ,so he decided to give me money as a gift.At first i denied to receive it because I felt shyness but he forced me so that I could purchase anything as per my choice.

In my entire life this birthday was the special day for me because my uncle made that day delightful.He gave an exact amount of money which I required to buy a DSLer camera.Next day, I went to the market and bought a camera for me which was my dream for a long time.I felt on cloud nine after purchasing it.I clicked a lot of pictures and shared with my friends.In addition, it all possible because of that money which was given by my uncle.

Overall,my uncle helped me to fulfill my desire and I am always thankful to him. Whenever,I use this device I remember him.So, that was an occasion when I received money as gift. This was the best time when I received money.

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