Scholars Meaning in English, Spanish, Hindi and Bengali

Scholars meaning in English: – In English, scholars mean “a person with vast knowledge, generally of a certain area.”

A scholar is a student who has received a college or university scholarship (i.e., money to help pay for their education).

Scholars meaning: A someone who is well-versed in the humanities

2. A student, especially a kid; pupil

3. A deserving student at an educational institution who receives financial assistance, particularly from an endowment established for that reason a school pupil.

Scholars meaning in English, Spanish, Hindi and Bengali

Scholars Meaning are people who study, but they may also be those who know a lot about a specific subject. A literary scholar is someone who is well-versed in literature.

A person who has studied a topic thoroughly and knows a great deal about it.

Scholars Meaning in bangla: পণ্ডিত; শিক্ষিত ব্যক্তি; ছাত্র; পড়ুয়া; বিদ্বান্; ভট্ট; শিষ্য; ছাত্রবৃত্তিভোগী ব্যক্তি; বৃত্তিভোগী ছাত্র; পন্ডিত, কবি, সিডার, বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় সাপোর্টিং প্র্যাকটিশনার, অনার্স স্কুল সাপোর্ট কোচ, বন্দী, স্কলারশিপের, প্রাপক, স্কুলবয়, থ্যাঙ্কসগিভিং, বিশেষজ্ঞ

Scholars meaning in English
Scholars meaning in English

Scholars Meaning in Spanish:

1) Erudito-those who have learned and is knowledgeable about a subject

2) Escolar – which mean student

3) Pupil alumno -which mean pupil

4) Students especialista – which mean specialist, expert in any topic

Scholars Meaning in Spanish :

Erudito m (plural: eruditos m)

The scholar knows lot about the history of the world.

Many scholars attended the conference at the university.

investigador m

alumno m (plural: alumnos m)

Many intelligent scholars have attended this university.

scholar, the ~ (scientistMaster of Scienceman of learninguniversity man)

Scholars Meaning in Spanish:

  • graduado, el ~ (m) Noun
  • titulado universitario, el ~ (m) Noun
  • titulado superior, el ~ (m) Noun
  • scholar, the ~ (professor)
  • científico, el ~ (m) Noun
  • erudito, el ~ (m) Noun
  • sabio, el ~ (m) Noun
  • catedrático, el ~ (m) Noun
  • catedrática, la ~ (f) Noun
  • hombre de ciencia, el ~ (m) Noun
  • scholar, the ~ (eruditelearned person)
  • intelectual, el ~ (m) Noun
  • erudito, el ~ (m) Noun

scholar, the ~ (literary personerudite personman of learningman of lettersscholarly person)

  • erudito, el ~ (m) Noun
  • hombre de letras, el

Scholars meaning in Hindi:

1) Someone particularly a youngster who learns or adopts information or ideas from a teacher

2) An educated person someone who has mastered one or more fields following exhaustive analysis.

3) A person who is a scholarship recipient

4) Someone who works for an expert to learn a trade

Scholars meaning in Hindi:

  1. छात्र(m):
  2. पंडित(m)
  3. पण्डित
  4. विद्यार्थी(m)
  5. विद्वान
  6. वैज्ञानिक
  7. शागिर्द
  8. शास्त्री
  9. शिष्य
  10. अध्येता
  11. वाचस्पति(m)
  12. शोध छात्र
  13. भाषातत्वज्ञ
  14. साक्षर व्यक्ति
  15. भाषाविज्ञान का पंडित

Scholars Meaning in Hindi. SCHOLAR= शात्रज्ञ [pr.{shatrajny} ](Noun)

SCHOLAR= पण्डित [pr.{paNDit} ](Noun)

उदाहरण : एम पी पण्डित

SCHOLAR= विद्यार्थी [pr.{vidyarthi} ](Noun)

SCHOLAR= वैज्ञानिक [pr.{vaijnyanik} ](Noun)

उदाहरण : वैज्ञानिक घटक

SCHOLAR= शिष्य [pr.{shiShy} ](Noun)

उदाहरण : नए शिष्य का स्वागत करो.

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