Namaz time in Delhi | Five Waqt Prayer time in Delhi today 2023

Namaz time in Delhi every Muslim needs to obey Islam’s rules, we know five Waqt salah is the most important for us, so every day we need to pray five Waqt salat, and for that reason today we share Namaz time table also namaz padhne ka tarika so in below you will see Namaz time in Delhi with namaz time in Delhi today, fajr namaz time in delhi, fajar namaz time in Delhi, magrib namaz time in Delhi, asar namaz time in Delhi, maghrib namaz time in Delhi, isha namaz time in Delhi,

Namaz Padhne ka tarika

Fajr namaz time in Delhi: Fajr prayer Rules

Now I will describe Fajr prayer rules:
Fajr prayer (صلاة الفجر‎) is the first prayer of the five daily prayers to be observed. Muslims begin their daily activities by offering the Fajr prayer. Fajr prayer consists of two rak’ah sunnah and two rak’ah farj prayer. You can see the prayer rules and necessary supplications for two rakat prayers from the prayer rules.
Fajr prayer time from dawn till sunrise. That is, the Fajr prayer should be recited very quickly.

Dhuhr namaz time in Delhi and prayer rules

Dhuhr prayer It is second in terms of daily prayers. It is performed right from noon to before Asr. The Zuhr prayer consists of four rak’at sunnat first, four rak’at fard and then two rak’at sunnat. If the praying person is in the state of Musafi, he can shorten the obligatory four rak’ats to two rak’ats and not perform the Sunnah. Jumma prayers are offered instead of Zohar on Fridays. The starting and ending time of Jumma and Zohar are the same.

Asar namaz time in Delhi and Asr prayer rules

Asr prayer (صلاة العصر‎) is the third in the order of daily prayers. It is collected during the afternoon. Asr prayer consists of four rak’ah sunnah and four rak’ah farj. However, if a person is in the state of Musafi, he can shorten the obligatory four rak’ats by two rak’ats.

Magrib namaz time in Delhi and Maghrib prayer rules:

Maghrib prayer (صلاة المغرب‎) is the fourth in the sequence of daily prayers. It can be observed from sunset to dusk. It is also best to read it at the earliest. Maghrib prayer consists of three rak’ahs obligatory and two rak’ahs sunnah. The fard portion is usually performed in congregation under the leadership of the imam and can also be performed alone. But if the person is in the state of Musafi then only three rak’ats can be performed as qasr.

Isha namaz time in Delhi and Isha prayer rules

Isha prayer (صلاة إشاه‎) is the fifth of the daily prayers. It is performed at night. The obligatory prayer of Isha is four rakats. Then there are two rakat sunnat and three rakat witr prayer. 4 rakat Sunnah prayers are performed before the obligatory prayers. But there is no sin in not reading it. If a person is in the state of Musafi, he can shorten the obligatory four rak’ats and perform two rak’ats as a fraction.

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