E-Passport Check: How to Check Your Passport 2023

Do you want to know about passport Check in online? Passport checking is a very easy process, Every person can do it.

When you complete epassport/passport applying process, Like Fingerprint, Photo etc. And After completing the every work of related to passport, then we are always thinking that our passport will be verified? Or When will we get the passport? So today we will provide you simple and easy way to Check your passport online BD? And Today I will give you some answer about your question related to passport.

Why needs your Passport? We need our passport to travel from country to other country and after getting the passport we are always worried about when we will get the passport. Everyone After the police verification, you can check your passport online at home. Ok let’s get started passport checking process.

How to Check Your Passport 2023

Step 1: First of all you need to open the down below link from your mobile browser or computer browser.

Link: E-Passport Check Official Website

Passport check
Passport check in online

Step 2: This is a verified website for checking the passport of Bangladesh government. After entering the website you have to click on the application status option.

Step 3: In this step I am providing you a simple link, you just visit this link

Link: application-status

After clicking on this link. And type some information needs to be filled.

  1. And then give the slip number of the passport office.
  2. Submit your date of birth.
Passport check

The next page will show you the correct information whether your passport has been verified or how long you will have it.

পাসপোর্ট চেক

এই আর্টিকেলটি বাংলায় পড়তে ভিজিট করুন: পাসপোর্ট চেক পোস্টে

Passport check via SMS

You must enter a number when applying a passport that will notify you of all subsequent passport updates.

The following steps need to be followed to know Passport check via SMS:

Go to the mobile massage option and type MRP with a Spcae then type ENORLLMENT_ID and send to 6969.

Example: MRP 26010000XXXXXXX to 6969.

Passport delivery time in Bangladesh

Passport check

FAQ About Related to How to Check Your Passport 2023

1: I went to check my passport and saw that it has not been verified yet?

Answer: If you see that your passport has not been verified yet while checking the passport, then first you will see if you are checking before the scheduled time. Because it takes 21 days from an ordinary passport, seven days from an emergency passport and two to three days from a very urgent passport.

2: Will I get my passport immediately after the police verification?

Answer: If the G police verification is done properly, you will get your passport in a few days.

3: When I went to check my passport, I saw that my passport has been canceled. What is the reason for this?

Answer: The reasons for cancellation of passport may be different, your information may be due to error or some bad aspect of you may come up in the police verification. If you go to the relevant office and contact this matter, you will definitely get the solution.

Every human being needs to make a passport because you never know when you will have to leave the country for some work. And try to master these simple things of passport checking yourself.

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