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Create a WordPress Website for Your Web Design Business: This course is about beginner’s guide to creating a WordPress website without any coding for your web design & SEO business.this course have 4.5 has 56min of on-demand video.

Course name: Create a WordPress Website for Your Web Design Business

Instructor; –Christine Maisel. She is a Web Design & SEO Business Coach at Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. she has built 100’s of websites, blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla.

You will learn from this course;

1) After completing the assignments in the course notes along the way, you will have a fully functioning website or blog by the end of the course. You will explore how to set-up a WordPress website step-by-step which you can do without any experience or any coding required. Here you’ll see the website we’re going to set-up.

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2) You will get many free content management systems out there and WordPress is one of the big three. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of using WordPress over the other platforms. You will learn how to select the best WordPress hosting and set-up your account so you can install WordPress in under 60 seconds. You will Be able to set-up and fully manage a WordPress website with no coding required.

3) You will able to gain skills needed to make money offering web design services to others. You will know WordPress website you build, there are a number of settings you should look at as they will affect how your WordPress website looks and behaves.

4) You will know how to Set-Up Your Website Menu in WordPress and Set-up your WordPress menu by adding pages, your blog and external links. Also learn how to set-up multiple menus. You will Learn the best places to find WordPress themes and how to install them on your website.

Create a WordPress Website for Your Web Design Business: Learners Reviews:

Let’s know some review who have done this course: #) Werner P. said that this course Very well-presented course. Very clear cut which down to the point without wondering off topic with awesome knowledge. Very well spoken as well and explained everything very clearly and he was Very happy with this course and will consider returning to this lecturer’s courses in the future should the need arise.

#) Kabiru S. said he was very happy taking this course because he understands what WordPress is all about there also methods on how to make people understand easily.

#) Samuel A. said he didn’t even know it was possible to create a business website without coding. Each step was well understood and he is taking action already

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