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Free HTML and CSS Course: The Super Fun Beginner’s Course: If you are beginner The starting place for all the other HTML courses out there.This course have 4.5 ratings on Udemy. You will get 1hr 2min of on-demand video

Course name: HTML and CSS: The Super Fun Beginner’s Course

Instructor; Adam Frisbee. He is a technology leader, educator, and researcher/practitioner, specializing in cloud and DevOps. . he has led technology strategy initiatives and teams in such diverse domains as convention and tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, and government. he is a lifelong student who strongly believes that education is the most powerful way to change the world.

What you will learn from course

1) You can build a basic functioning website with HTML and CSS. You can learn HTML and CSS even if you’re new to computers. there are a lot of “drag ‘n drop” website creators out there and behind them all are HTML and CSS, and knowing how HTML and CSS works can be immensely valuable to you.

2) After you complete this course, you will be able to make your own website using only Notepad. You’ll also do to manipulate existing code in WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites. you will learn very well. You can also feel confident in taking a more advanced web design course. 

3) You will know about HTML Documents, HTML Tags, CSS Part. You will get some demo of all these if you access Free courses, you will get Online video content. In Paid version courses you will get Online video content, Certificate of completion, Instructor Q&A, Instructor direct message.

 Learners Reviews

Let’s know some review who have done this course; #) Adreanna L. said that GREAT place to start for a good, understandable description of what CSS and HTML are for. And there were some great hands-on exercises for your very first webpage, she thinks the last two demos felt a little bit rushed, but all in all, highly recommended!

Gokul U. said that he has already watched some videos on YouTube about HTML and CSS but he didn’t understand anything. After watching this class, he understood everything about HTML and CSS. Instructor has done the class in right way which was easy to understand.

Jose T. said that the information was given in a bite size theme and didn’t throw a bunch of information at the same time for her this crucial. she has gone through several tutorials and they breeze through the information.

Rolene said that he enjoyed this course very much. The instructor was very clear on everything. He needed to brush up on the basics after having to take a sick break and this definitely helped me a lot and it was fun!!!

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