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Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2021

AWS Certification course: Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2021 if you want to become a AWS developer this course for you.

Introduction: This course is an excellent training course for AWS Developer Associate. this course helps you not only for passing your exam, but also for real world. this course totally impressed by the way Stéphane teaches, the videos are crisp and filled with content, hence you never felt bored. 

AWS this course Benifits:

1) in this course you will get many hands-on lectures in every section

3) at the end of every section you will get many quizzes

4) at the end of the course you will get an AWS Certified Developer Associate practice exam.

What you will learn:

1) You will Pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01)

2) You will get All 700+ slides available as downloadable PDF

3) You can Apply the right AWS services for your future real-world AWS projects

4) You can Deploy an application using Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CICD tools with full automation

5) You will Understand Serverless API using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB & Cognito

how you can learn: you have to visit the website Click here

mentor: Stephane Maarek

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