Team Builder Activities for College Students

Team Builder Activities for College Students: You finished your daily studying, have your laundry finished, and have nothing to do for four to five hours a day still? What will you consider doing – and how will you do anything without the extra money that other students appear to have? You can enjoy your free time without money, or with little money! There are and will be many other students in your same situation – lots of free time while away from home and not much money to spend on entertainment.

However, there are many types of Team Builder Activities for College Students you will be able to do without money

  • Lounge televisions are free, watch your favorite shows.
  • Sit in your dorm room, reading a book while listening to the radio.
  • Play cards with some dorm mates or friends in the lounge.
  • Arrange a pool team, this requires little money to have a set playtime weekly.
  • Take a long walk around the town or city that you are in.
  • Visit a local school and volunteer
  • Walk the mall and go window shopping, think about Christmas ideas
  • Rollerblade around campus or around town
  • If you have a bike – see the sites around campus and around town
  • Lift weights – many campuses have free access
  • Does your campus have a tennis court, play for free
  • Swimming for students on campus is generally free
  • Go to an on-campus aerobic class, Become a tutor for another student

Many colleges and universities have free or discounted tickets available to students for the following events – while the sporting events at each campus vary there is a wide variety available. Try the Football games, tennis matches, baseball games, soccer tournaments, basketball games, and swim matches. You may even meet new friends or want to join a sport! If you are located within a town or small city surroundings you will be able to find local baseball, football, swimming, wrestling or such sports events that are free to everyone.

Visit the library, read a book – surf the Internet – send postcards to friends and family members in your hometown. If you are located in a larger town or city, you should be able to find a local park, zoo, or museum to visit – very low in fees. Look for the YMCA, there are many scheduled low-cost activities here.

Start a circle or club of friends interested in your hobbies – such as chess, checkers, monopoly, or other types of board games. Have marathon games, who can win the most, or who have played the longest. Look for local festivals, churches, firefighters and local organizations continually have festivals for the town citizens’ enjoyment and are generally inexpensive. Many local clubs and organizations have dances that only place a small fee for admittance. Valentines, Easter, Spring, Summer – all types of dances. Country, disco, Rock – with D.J.s or sometimes even real bands.

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