Relationship Coaching & Couples Counseling Masterclass 2022

Now a days breakup and divorce are very common things in society. It can be happened for many reasons like as emotionally, physically or financial problem. Divorce ratio is increasing in every country. If I talk about today’s generation relationship it is very rare that its last long time. To think all these problem UDEMEY has launched a course which name is “RELATIONSHIP COACHING & COUPLES COUNSELING MASTERCLASS 2022”

This is high rated course on Udemy. This course has 6 sections,30 lectures which is total 1h 45m length.This is a very useful and helpful course to have by you if you are not feeling secure in your relationship. The suggestions of this course have really made a difference to how you view and treat each other.

Relationship Masterclass Instructor:

Instructor: Manos Filippou. About this udemy instructor Manos Filippou, He is the published author of the book “Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance” he also a motivational coach, a course creator, course instructor and an online school founder. Manos Filippou has been professionally involved with digital marketing and technology since 1999.

How this course will help your Relationship

  1. The course will provide you top relationship advice and suggests exercises that couples can do to connect on an emotional and intellectual level. After opening this course, you will find an opening message, then you can know about course mission.
  2.  The intention of this course is to help you so that you can find a new way to communicate with your partner, find a common ground and help you see things from a different point of view. you have to Understand that who you are and how you contribute to a relationship is half the battle. Here he gives instruction first of all you have to know yourself, you have to practice gratitude and forgiveness, improve your listening skills and emotional intelligence.
  3. Next session is which you will involve both of you. This will start with a positive note, know each other very well, find why all these problems happened and where is your problem, try to express feelings both of you, you both have to compromise, respect each other and set a clear goal.
  4. Then the instructor refers some exercise for couple. The exercise is quite interesting like five minute of eye contact, write love letter, extend their cuddle time, appreciate each other work and it make couple bond stronger.

This Relationship Course Learners Reviews

Let’s know about some review who have done this course:

#Darian B said a month ago this is a very helpful course, for him it gave him some insight into what he had to look for and do to try and save his marriage.

#Patty W. said 2 weeks ago that This course has helped them with a few problems they had, and they are now the better for having used it.

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