Pahela Baishakh Paragraph for class 6-12 | Pahela Baishakh Paragraph for HSC, SSC Students

Now a days, Pahela Baishakh Paragraph has become a part of our national history , culture and tradition, now I am going to share about Pahela Baishakh .

Pahela Baishakh Paragraph

The first day of Bangla New Year is called Pahela Baishakh.The day has a special significance for us as it is a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. In keeping with the age – old tradition , the day is celebrated every year in a befitting manner. People from all works of life , irrespective of races , colours and creeds , celebrate the day with traditional festivities. People wake up early in the morning and through some places wearing traditional clothes.The places are decorated colourfully. So, these places wear a festive look.All around , there prevails a festive mood in the peoples minds.In many places,fairs are also held.The fairs get very much crowded . However , peoples enjoy these fairs much . Shopkeepers open ‘ halkhata ‘ a fresh account book eating panta – illish in the morning is a part of celebrating Pahela Baishakh. Different social and cultural organizations and educational institutions celebrate the day with there own cultural programmes. This programmes start with the famous Tagore song ” Esho – he- Boishakh” On this day newspapers bring out special supplements.Special programmes are also aired on the radio and television.The most colour event of the day is held at Ramna Batamul in Dhaka organized by Chhayanaut .The cultural programme here beings just at sunrise and the renowned artists of the country take part in the programme.The day inspires people to start life with renewed hopes and inspirations.The celebration of Pahela Baishakh marks a day of cultural unity for the whole nation.

Dear students this paragraph is very very important .It is our tradition, Bangladeshi people celebrate Pahela Baishakh with great pleasure.

এই paragraph টি খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ যেকোন পরীক্ষায় আসতে পারে । very important paragraph , এছাড়াও আমাদের ব্লগে সবগুলো Topics এর paragraph শেয়ার করবো আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন ।

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