Our National Flag Paragraph for class 6 to 12| Our National Flag Paragraph for HSC,SSC Students

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Our National Flag Paragraph

Our National Flag is very respectable for us .It is our attitude.It is our pride. A national Flag is very important of an independent country.It is an attitude of a country ana a nation.We have a national Flag of our own.It symbolizes our integrity , solidarity and a sovereignty.We got our national Flag at the cost of a great Liberation War in 1971.Its shape is rectangular.Its sizes is 10:6 in measurements.Its colours are crimson red and green.The green colour indicates the green and serene nature of our country and our soft heart.The red in the middle of the flag indicates the supreme sacrifice of blood of our undaunted freedom fighters.It also indicates the rising sun that symbolizes the newly established free country.On the occasion of national days many institutions both govt,and non govt ,hoist the flag.National parliament and political party offices hoist the flag round the clock.On the occasion of national morning or shocking day the national Flag is kept half mast.In our country ,it is kept half mast 21 st February to pay homage to the language Martyrs.Showing due respect to the freedom fighters , country and country men ,we can uphold it’s honour.

This paragraph is very important in our students life . Our National Flag is very important paragraph .So every students must be learn this paragraph.In this blog there has many types of Paragraph according to your exam routine.Other paragraph if you read this

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