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ScholarsMe team wanted to wish you and your fur babies a happy International dog day it is today everybody the day celebrated annually on august 26 shows appreciation to the hundreds of dog breeds across the globe dogs are an important part of society.

Everybody playing a number of roles including protecting families our law enforcement members as well as assisting blind folks national dog day was founded back in 2004 and aims to encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters now what better way to celebrate International dog day 2021

if you know me personally you may joke that our gonzalez family just runs a gonzales american kennel club so these are actually my three at home to the left you’ve got maui a bernice mountain dog in the middle there you’ve got molokai or german shepherd named after hawaiian islands.

We are big hawaii fans and then in the back you have our old english sheepdog mango all smiling and ready for dinner now you may see this pasta on the counter to the left so i come from a very italian household everybody my mother big italian cook her food is amazing and every friday is something called pastina friday it’s kind of a risotto style pasta and our dogs absolutely love it so this is them on pastina friday courtesy of my mom the amazing pup chef out there but i also have my own two out here in florida this is kona and cali they’re big fans of frisbee.

I must say i’m just being a bragging dog mom kona can catch a frisbee in midair she learned it from cali so again these are all of my babies six in total so i’m not a fan of dogs or anything meanwhile showcasing some of our other live now dogs our very own palar arius posting her pup chai the best family dog as she said here on twitter this was apparently her first day at the beach.

if you live here in the florida area you know lots of dog-friendly beaches i know there’s a lot out there in california as well now we’ve also got a very famous dog coming to us here on live now from fox our vice president of digital content here at live now from fox this is her amazing mini golden doodle maggie may.

if you can get the pun and the amazing reference in her instagram handle it’s going to be maggie may a little uh justin timberlake action there for you but again she’s one and a half years old loves the park trios and naps and hashtag ball is life everybody she’s also a very stylish pup here’s a little picture of her rocking the shades this post specifically saying dude it’s the weekend how are you celebrating this was from a weekend recently mom says our furniture finally comes.

This weekend that’s great news because i’m really missing my five other beds her mom recently moving from the west coast to the east coast so i am proud to say that my girls have actually met maggie we’ve done some puppy play dates so again wanted to showcase some of the live now from fox pups.

That are just making our days every day behind the scenes and be sure to tweet us guys at live now fox hashtag live now fox and send us a picture post a video we would love to showcase all of your pups here on international dog day.

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