HSC English 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2023 (HSC Syllabus)

HSC English 1st Paper Short syllabus 2023: The HSC exam will be held very soon and the syllabuses are shorted too. Only you have preferred yourself for the Following exam so that you can make a good result. many have well-memorized and understanding Capacities but lack strategy they have not got their desired marks. We will discourse here some strategies that will help a student to reach his goal.

HSC English 1st Paper Short syllabus 2023

Unit number and titleTopic Lesson No and Lesson Title
Unit: One People or Institutions Making HistoryLesson 1:The Unforgettable History
Lesson 2: Nelson Mandela, from Apartheid Fighter to President
Lesson 3: Two Women
Unit: Two
Lesson 1: What is a Dream?
Lesson: 2: Dream Poems
Lesson: 3 : I Have a Dream
Unit: Three LifestyleLesson 1: Manners Around the World
Lesson 2: Etiquette Netiquette
Lesson 3: Food Trends
Lesson 4: Fitness
Lesson 5: Spending

HSC Bangla 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2023

Unit: Four AdolescenceLesson:1: The Storm and Stress of Adolescence
Lesson: 2: Adolescence and some
(Related) problems in Bangladesh
Lesson: 3: Why Does a Child Hate School?
Lesson: 4: The Story of Shipli
Lesson: 5 Say `No’ to bullying
Unit: Five Youthful AchieversLesson 1:Sheikh Kamal: Life of an Achiever
Lesson 2: Affectionate, Lively and Always Smiling Sheikh Kamal
Lesson 3: Brojen Das: On Conquering he English Channel
Lesson 4: Scaling a Mountain Peak or Riding Your Dream
Lesson 5; The Unbeaten Girls

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HSC English 1st Paper Short Syllabus 2023

Unit: Six Relationships Lesson: 1 Family Relationship
Lesson: 2 Love and Friendship
Lesson: 3 A Mother in Mannville
Unit: Seven Human RightsLesson: 1 Are We Aware of These Rights-1
Lesson: 2 Are We Aware of These Rights-2
Lesson: 3 Rights to Health and Education
Lesson: 4 Amerigo, A Street Child
Unit: Nine Tours and TravelsLesson: 1 Travelling to a Village in Bangladesh
Lesson: 2 Arriving in the Orient
Lesson: 3 Eco-tourism

HSC English 1st Paper Short syllabus 2023

Unit: Twelve Education and LifeLesson: 1 Why Education
Lesson: 2 he Parrot’s Tale
Lesson: 3 Civic Engagement
Lesson: 4 A Warrior of Light

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF Download (All HSC Subjects)

A common mistake in the HSC exam 2023

Students read a lot without proper assumptions because they do not know how to prepare themselves for an upcoming exam. While they read lots his/her memory becomes slow to respond. You should read a lot but need with revised. Except for revision many times, your memory will not save appropriately read. So read and revise again and again.

A few steps should take to make a good result HSC syllabus 2023

1. Try to understand the syllabus deeply.

2. Divin it important and less important (based on the previous exam)

3. Select 7 chapters that must be become, and finish them as much as compatible so you would be able to answer any types of questions to those parts.

4. Then revise it again and again

5. then, read the less important chapter as soon as possible so you can answer as well as possible.

6. Practice the previous question

7. practice model questions and try to understand the question type properly

8. Revise again before sitting on the exam.

A few things make your result reduced

1. Spelling mistake

2. Less speed in writing

3. Less understanding of the question and answer less correct.

4. wrong answers cause understanding

5. Not able to cover all the questions or forgetting to write all the required questions

7. Word mistakes and grammar incorrect.

8. Unable to expose accurately as required as a question.

এইচএসসি সার্টিফিকেট উত্তোলনের জন্য আবেদন পত্র

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