He’s All That: Addison Rae Movie Review

Netflix’s latest movie He’s All That a reimagining of the 1999 movie she’s all that with Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan within the lead roles the he is all that movie.

He’s All That Addison Rae Movie Review

This is what our lives became the main a part of the movie is about Addison Rae making cameron confident about himself and making him know that he are often different albeit she is doing it for her own gain she starts having a real attraction toward him so what happens within the end did cameron and padgett attend the prom together or did they find yourself being together, He’s All That.

Let’s read how the movie concluded he’s all that plot synopsis the film opens with Padgett awakening and putting on makeup only to then revisit into bed and start streaming a morning video for her massive online phantom following whilst pretending to only having woken up we soon learned that. He’s All That.

Padgett possesses lucrative sponsorship deals from fashion brands and helps her overworked mother pay the bills from time to time however most of her earnings from her online profiles go towards her college fund she soon triggers together with her friends to surprise her boyfriend jordan only to seek out him within the arms of another woman.

Unfortunately the messy breakup that ensues gets filmed and live streamed by paget’s friend alden leading to the former’s,Social Media all followers seeing a she losing many of her social media followers also as losing her main sponsor bunny venom during a bid to regain popularity Padgett picks the odd
duck of her class cameron and promises to show him into the prom king hence proving deserve her title the makeover girl to start with cameron doesn’t take.

Padgett seriously however when the girl seems genuinely curious about cameron’s secretive lifestyle and obsession with horses and photography he begins to return around and even takes her to at least one of his favorite haunts at the city union station there the two talk and we find that cameron’s father lives in sweden and that his mother passed away four years ago. paget also talks about how her parents are separated.

And then invites cameron to the gatsby-themed birthday party of her wealthy friend alden in preparation for the party paget gives in an easy camera in a makeover it is a success and the boy generally not noticed during school hours turns heads at the party however things get unpleasant when paget’s ex-boyfriend tries to make a move on cameron’s younger sister brynn a fight breaks out and after losing an embedded jordan throws cameron’s precious vintage camera into the pool.

Padgett next day goes over to cameron’s house to apologize and the 2 kiss shortly after cameron decides to ask padgett to the prom and does so at school, and she was only using cameron to prove a point heartbroken and then cameron decided leaves and not to go to prom ending explained during.

Bryn believes that her brother has always been cynical after their mother’s death and he seems to like his old cheerful self when he’s with paget he goes to the prom and patches up with paget and they are not interested in the prom anymore paget’s ex-boyfriend jordan wins the prom king accolade while paget is labeled as the prom queen but she refuses to take the award and goes on stage to talk about. He’s All That.

She knows that relationships are much important than popularity she reveals that she doesn’t want to lose cameron so it is clear that both of them have gotten together and they are living their lives happily in one of the earlier scenes cameron revealed that he wanted to travel the world while paget always wanted to see paris in the closing moments we see the duo getting (He’s All That)
their pictures clicked in paris and some other places across the globe they embark on their dream journeys together. and even get matching tattoos.

Someone else decides to reimagine this enjoyable movie do paget and cameron get together in the end in the hours leading up to prom paget realizes how everything that.

Cameron she nevertheless goes to prom and asks bryn to try and persuade cameron to come too as expected paget wins prom queen but instead goes on stage and talks and the 2 kiss the film’s closing scenes then show the two horse riding and traveling around europe together.

So it’s like cameron and Padgett do get together within the end which their relationship is for real and not just a highschool fling within the film’s closing scenes we actually see the 2 living out each other’s dreams together in an earlier scene where the 2 open up to every other cameron reveals that he wants to travel. (He’s All That)

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