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Digital Advertising FREE Certification Course: Name is Digital Advertising 101 – How to Develop a Winning Online Advertising Strategy:

This is FREE Certification Course. In this course you will know about design, audience targeting, optimization, analysis, and more.

Course Details: you will get 10 lessons,3:01 hours,34 videos,10 quizzes. You will get certificate after completing this course.

Instructors of Digital Advertising FREE Certification Course

1) Corey Braccialini is a content creator who is passionate for teaching people how to do complicated things in simple ways. He received an M.S. in Digital Marketing Strategy from Trinity College Dublin .he  is inspired by using new technologies to solve timeless problems.

2) Davis Mastin is committed to helping HubSpot customers develop and execute meaningful inbound marketing strategies that will resonate with their consumers. 

3) Brandon Sanders is a marketing manager for HubSpot, who loves to learn and teach others. He obtained a degree in Digital Technology and Culture, with years of experience working in B2B SaaS, Brandon is highly skilled in digital marketing.

4) Dayne Topkin is a versatile content professional born and raised in South Africa who focuses on solving challenging user problems through content and education

5) Eddie Shleyner is a good direct-response copywriter, content marketer, and the founder of

What You Will Learn 

1) You can Advertise at every stage of the buyer’s journey

2) You can Create digital advertising campaigns that convert

3) You can Evaluate the performance of your digital advertising strategy

Digital Advertising Course Curriculum

1) You’ll learn how content marketing fundamentals can be applied to digital advertising and gain access to HubSpot Academy’s Digital Advertising Workbook.

2) You will learn how to get started building a journey-based advertising plan and how to strategize plan your paid social media campaigns by identifying your target audience, setting your goals and objectives, and more.

3) You’ll study about the distinction between every of these focused on techniques and apprehend how they in shape into your digital marketing strategy and learn how to communicate the value of your offer, design your ad creatively, and optimize your conversion way.

4) You’ll learn about the advertising options that are available across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. Plus, you’ll analyze exceptional practices for developing exquisite digital advertisements for social media and see examples of wonderful social media commercials in action and also, you’ll learn best practices for creating remarkable digital ads which is for paid search and see examples of effective paid search ads in action.

5) You will analyze the ins and outs of Google Ads extensions, dive deeper into the Google auction, and study how to diagnose and optimize your campaigns and how programmatic advertising works, types of programmatic media buying, understand the programmatic advertising channels, and you be introduced to the ad platforms.

6) Finally you’ll learn what attribution models are, how to build and scale your reports, measure and communicate return on investment, and launch experiments to improve your performance.

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