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Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET Admission) After passing the higher secondary examination, every student dreams of studying in the best public university of the country. Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) is one of the dream universities of geniuses. Students face different challenges to get a chance at BUET Admission. BUET’s admission test pattern is completely different from other public universities. The most important time to prepare for the entrance exam is the few months after the HSC exam. Proper preparation and guidance at this time can change your life. So the pre-requisite to score well in the BUET entrance exam is hard work and dedication.

BUET Admission Requirements for Apply

  • They must have passed the HSC or an equivalent test by 2022.
  • Applicants must have a CGPA of 5.00 in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, as well as a CGPA of 4.00 in Bangla and English in both the SSC and HSC examinations.
  • Foreign students must have twelve years of study at a foreign institution and an equal grade in an equivalent test from any foreign educational institution.
  • Applicants must provide a certified grade equivalent Numerical Value certificate from the authority. Applicants must pass GCE “O” Level with a ‘B’ grade in at least two subjects and a ‘B’ grade in the other subjects. Only applicants who passed the “A” Level in 2022 are eligible to apply.

This year, candidates will compete for all 1030 seats.

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2022-2023

Fill out the BUET online application form:

1. Photo Size (300X350), Maximum File Size (75KB)

2. Signature Dimensions: (300X80) pixels, with a maximum file size of 20KB.

3. Complete the Apply Form completely; on the confirmation page, you will be given an Application Number and Password.

BUET Application Fee Payment-

The application cost of TK 1000 (One Thousand) must be paid through SMS using a TeleTalk Pre-paid Mobile SIM card. The TeleTalk Mobile SIM can submit an application form by sending SMS to 16222. Go to the message option and start typing.

The steps for sending SMS are as follows:

SMS Encoding: BUET space> Number of Application (6-digit Application Number of the Applicants)

For instance: BUET space > 957654

If this SMS is successfully delivered, the sender will receive a reply SMS with the applicant’s name, application fee amount, and a 6-digit PIN number, and will be requested to pay the application fee.

If the applicant agrees to pay the application fee, transmit BUETspace>YESspace>PIN code (with 6 digit PIN code) to 16222 numbers.

If the sender has sufficient balance on his/her cell, the application cost will be taken from the amount and the sender will be notified by SMS.

BUET Admission Circular
BUET Admission Circular

BUET Admission Exam Question Pattern and Mark Distribution:

  • The BUET admission exam consists of a 200-point written examination in Higher Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The test has 60 questions, 20 from each topic, with each question worth 10 points. The overall time is three hours.
  • Although the syllabus is the same, there are quite a few differences in the type of question papers of the Higher Secondary Examination and the Entrance Examination. Preparation should be done with a clear idea about question pattern, manpower distribution, time etc. It is very difficult to get 100 percent answers in the BUET entrance exam. It is possible to get a chance in BUET without answering 40-50 marks out of 600 marks. So I will answer all the questions – It is a stupid thing to go for the exam with this target. Rather should keep this target, what I can is correct
  • Questions in all three topics, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, are asked in the admission test. Physics and mathematics problems are among the most difficult to answer. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics will each get 200 points this year. There will be no multiple-choice questions. Questions from previous years’ BUET and engineering university admission exams must be solved from scratch. Looking through previous questions will help you understand the question and identify any holes in your preparation.

Physics BUET Admission Test Preparation-

In the first paper of physics, every chapter, including dynamics, is critical. Almost every year, there are essay questions from the chapters on magnetism, electricity, and light in the second paper. Each chapter of the book should be thoroughly read and comprehended. Understand the theory completely. Then it will be simple to recall. There are technical issues in physics. As a result, you should plan properly.

Math Preparation for the BUET Admission Test-

Many of the arithmetic questions come directly from the textbook. It can be noted that certain questions have been somewhat flipped around. So, if essential texts are adequately studied, math should not be too difficult. Many individuals are perplexed about which book to read by which author. You can read anyone’s book if you comprehend it properly. You must grasp mechanical numbers as well as know calculus formulae. More practice is the only way to improve your arithmetic skills.

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology | BUET সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানুন

Chemistry Preparation for the BUET Admission Test-

Chemistry problems, on the other hand, are not as difficult as math or physics. However, a significant amount of work must be given to this subject, particularly in organic chemistry. The more you practice chemistry, the better it will get. The reactions should be rehearsed by writing them down and trying to comprehend them thoroughly. It is recommended to have a separate notepad for all replies and messages.

Previous year’s questions must be answered. As confidence grows, so does knowledge of the exam questions. Model tests can be offered in a variety of coaching facilities. You may examine yourself. However, you may check yourself without going to coaching. Suggestion-based research are not possible. Those who believe they will accept the last-minute advice and prepare will be wasting their time taking the entrance exam. Many people prepare by consulting numerous guide books. It doesn’t appear to be of any use. It should be noted that there is no substitute for the original book.

Keep confidence BUET Admission Test –

To be honest, the questions on the entrance test are so complex that even the most familiar concepts are frequently misunderstood. So you must read the question confidently again and again, and you will notice that the solution will spring to mind. Have faith in yourself and you will never be disappointed in the test hall. You must think about and answer the questions in your brain. Do not be scared by the questions, no matter how challenging they are. In everything, I want to have faith in myself. Then it will be simple to gain a shot at Buet.

BUET Official website: https://www.buet.ac.bd

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