10 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites in 2023

10 BEST Bitcoin Mining Sites In 2023: Cloud- mining is most popular in today’s world. It is a process of mining crypto-currency that shares processing power with remote utilize data centers. in cloud-mining you don’t have to manage hardware, mining company is advantageous to you with mining rigs facilities. some platforms have free services, profile security management, free earning utilizer.

The user just has to register and purchase mining contacts to began mining on cloud mining sites.

Bitcoin mining site

1. Shaming

Shaming is called a free cloud-mining platform, here you will get access to free bitcoin mining without any investment.


  • Enable to invest from anywhere.
  • You can able to control your miners through the software by using a mobile or laptop.
  • Secure platform for money deposit and withdrawal.
  • Have to be a minimum deposit of $250.
  • you will be paid daily with regular payout methods, great support, high-end security etc
  • The minimum amount of money withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

Process of mining

  • First, you have to click the “register” button to open out your wallet.
  • then go to the upper mining option and click the” try mining now” option in order to start mining and your quick mining software automatically downloaded.
  • after clicking the “run” option then select RTX 3070 option and your mining process will be started.
  • Wait for a few minutes benefits.

Supported program:

Solar plant in London and cap town. windows , IOS

Link is here: https://shamining.com/en

2. Slushpool

Slushpool is an excellent pool-mining site. This site has mined about 1285186 BTC since 2010, and hashing rate is also good at 12.2 EH/s.


  • 0% pool fee facilities for supported ASIC miners.
  • But when will you increase your hashrate by about 25% on your bitcoin ASICs.
  • Can use iOS and official android mobile app for account monitoring.
  • It will give you a convenient overview of your mining like notification, significant events information, etc. but the problem is there you cannot mine to use this software. Even if you lost your device, you will lose your account.
  • It has two authorized security platform
  • One-time password methods.
  • You also can use trazor as a compatible physical authorization device.


  • You have to pay a 2% charge due to using its platform. Similar before you have to open out a wallet account.
  • Install miner-monitoring software for free.
  • Secure mining platform
  • A safe zone is created for money transfer.
  • They will give your profile security

supported program:

ASIC. iOS, windows

Link is here: https://slushpool.com/en/home/

3. Cruxpool

Cruxpool is a modern cryptocurrency mining pool that provides stable and predictive crypto-currency information about new crypto-currency.


  • You can mine from this pool BTC, ETH, ETC RVN, etc.
  • Cruxpool charges a 1% fee
  • directly you can start mining if you have any wallet account.
  • don’t have to register
  • Here you are guided in detail on how to mine crypto-currency, what software should you have to be chosen, which crypto wallet should be chosen, how to set up with various operating systems like, OS, FPU, .
  • They will provide you with a complete guide on how can monitor your miners.


  • Mining payout.
  • Ethereum – 0.01 ETH
    Ethereum Classic – 0.1 ETC
    Ravencoin – 50 RVN
    Beam – 1 BEAM
  • They have their own crypto-currency servers.

They provide services worldwide, especially in euroup and north America.

Link is here: https://www.cruxpool.com/

4. Zsolo

Zsolo is a solo-mining -platform, here you can mine crypto-currency very easily.

Website surface is very simple, the template also limited, the surface decorated with four categories of crypto-currency

  • bitcoin,
  • bitcoin cash,
  • dogecoin
  • litecoin.

By clicking any of these templates you can know details about its own such as hash-rate, fee, miner reward, difficulties, etc.

Zsolo doesn’t have any mobile app to monitoring own mining or minimum payout information, unable to see hash-rate and states of workers. You will be provided services 24/7.

Link is here: https://zsolo.bid/en

5. SimpleMining

It has an OS platform for crypto-currency GPU mining. They use plugs and Linux mining OS. You can use their services for a free minimum of 30 days but one gig has to be bought.


  • There interface is very clear.
  • Very helpful information was raveled on their own website. Anyone can register, invest, deposit, to get their services after finishing the trial period.
  • they will provide you with details information about your rigs like hardware details, hash-rate, consultation, and statement.
  • Your rigs security assessment.
  • 2 years of historical graphical statistics of your account. Etc

Link is here…..https://simplemining.net/

6. Hostero

Hostero is a free cryptocurrency mining site. You can easily start mining by downloading software from their site. furthermore, you can monitor the performance of miners by going to the dashboard.


  • Secure mining platform
  • Show overview of miner logs
  • You can mine more than 10 types of cryptocurrencies
  • You can mine with any number of miner device
  • Process:
  • Sign up with a social media account
  • Install CPU miner
  • Deploy miner from their web dashboard.


  • CPU base cryptocurrency miner
  • create an account
  • install app
  • manage your account
  • you can mine anyone coin for free but to be paid for more
  •  free for one miner,1.99 € for up to 5 miners, and 9.99 € for up to 50 miners.
  • just register and start.

Supported program

Windows, macOS ,Linux

Link is here…https://www.hostero.eu/

7. Mining Pool Hub

Mining Pool Hub is one of the best bitcoin mining sites as you can set Any kind of crypto you want to mine with ease. It would take less time to start mining.


  • Different types of coins in a hare, you can with any kind.
  • You can start mining just with one hardware like GPU/ASIC/CPU.
  • You can check in coin pool news pages.
  • You can change your coin with another coin by setting auto-exchange methods.


  • Mining coin is automatically being deposited in your account by the auto-payment methods.
  • The mining fee is 0.9% lower than the other site.

Supported platform


Link is here…https://miningpoolhub.com/

8. IceMining

Is an advanced crypto mining pool website for miners. Here also you enable to mine different types of coins and will be got security and management services.


  • Your performance enables you to be seen by mining software.
  • Top ten types of coin, you can choose any of them.
  • API developer for public support.
  • White label support to protect your profile
  • Free mining assistance for limited feature users.


  • Mining fees monthly 1.46%
  • You have to be registered to undergo the registered option for starting mining.
  • Android app can be downloaded for monitoring your mining surface.
  • Start mining with Os /Asic /GPU any one of them.

Supported programs

MacOs ,WINDOWS , linux

Link is here……https://minerstat.com/pools/icemining

9. StormGain

It is the best platform of cryptocurrency for buying, trading, exchanging, learning, and earning cryptocurrency. Here you have not been registered

The mining process is divided into four sift .first mining will be started after four and you have to click the active button after every four hours to get started mining.


  • They give you profitable consultation about your investment
  • They linked up to 230 countries.
  • You can easily transfer your money into your wallet in your preferred method when it is a minimum of 50USD.
  • The free education system for investors.
  • You can use mobile or CPU for mining.
  • Minimum account of deposit 10 USD.
  • Trustable to exchange cryptocurrency.


  • Just click the registered button and start mining.
  • Open cloud –mining option and start mining.
  • Tab to start button to stay connected with active mining.
  • You can your first deposit within a couple of weeks by pressing the button every four hours.

Supported programs.

Windows, iOS.

Link is here….https://stormgain.com/about-us

10. CUDO miner

Is an easy and safe cryptocurrency miner. You can earn money as much as you want by using your laptop or computer. it is easier to install than the other, ensure secure use, make safe your hardware.


  • Auto coin switching for maximum profit.
  • Provides the best solution for code miners to monetize register hardware.
  • They offer an assessment with CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining.
  • Advance hash-rate mining platform that provides you with a profitable mining guide.
  • Security assistance with the multi-task way
  • You can monitor your earn, management, user withdrawal funds with ease.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Software free use and installation access.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and macOS

Link is here….https://www.cudominer.com/about-cudo/

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