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Bangabandhu Satellite Paragraph

Satellite is an electronic device that is sent into space and moves around the earth or another planet.The countrys first geostationary communication satellite ,Bangabandhu -1 was launched at 2:14 am Bangladesh time on May 11,2018. With the launch of the nation’s dream satellite , Bangabandhu -1,Bangladesh has become the 57 th member in the Global Space Society and 4 th in the south Asia after India ,Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Designed and manufactured by the French satellite manufacturing company Thales Alenia Space Bangabandhu -1 was launched by the American satellite launching company Space x through Falcon -9 rocket, from the Cape Canaveral launching pad, the Kennedy Space Center, Florida ,USA.The satellite ,a project of tk 2,765.66 crore and weighing 3.7 tonne,will gets its permanent home at orbital solt 119.1 degree east which Bangladesh rented from Russia for tk 221 crore for 15 years. It’s service area will cover South Asian countries and Indonesia , the Philippines ,Mayanmar and some parts of former Soviet, Republics .State owned , Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Ltd will operate the business of Bangabandhu -1. The satellite will offer Direct v- to- Home ( D2H) services, making peoples access to worldwide TV faster and easier.The country’ s remote parts – haor ,hilly parts ,coastal areas and deep sea – zones – will get internet service from the satellite .It will certainly bring revolutionary changes in our broadcast and telecommunication sector.

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