A Railway Station Paragraph for HSC, SSC, JSC | Railway Station Paragraph for Class 6-12

Now i am going to share A Railway Station Paragraph, if you want to need railway station paragraph this article for you because in this article we will share a paragraph about railway station, you can easily memories this paragraph if you read this post carefully, so our request is firstly read this railway paragraph then you write on your paper or you can memories in here.

A Railway Station.

  • What is a Railway Station?
  • Describe the infrastructure of the station.
  • How does the railway line signal function?
  • How is the environment of a Railway Station ?
  • How does the station look when a train arrives at and leaves a station ?

A Railway Station Paragraph

A Railway Station is a very important place for communication.It is a place where stop at and start from.The passengers of a train get into or get down from a train at a Railway Station.It has one or more red buildings.They are generally made of bricks.From a distance , one can see the green and signals and red buildings of a station.It has several rooms . Some of them are the waiting rooms for male and female passengers .There are a ticket counter, a booking office for goods , the station masters room , some tea stalls,book stalls ,etc.The stationmaster is all in all in a station.He is assisted by a number of other staffs , railway police and guards .Here ,many hawkers are found shouting the names of their goods and selling them.Again railway porters are found looking for the passengers to carry their goods .In every railway station , there are two or more railway lines .Near the station b, there are two signal posts with red and green signals.The point man maintains the signals.He also moves along the platform with red and green flags in his hand . Just outside the station , there are stands for rickshaws ,auto – rickshaws and other vehicles .The ticket counter is generally opened half an hour before the arriveal of the train . When a train arrives , the station becomes busy and noisy . Some passengers get into the train and some passengers get down from it.They push one another to go ahead . When train leaves , the station becomes calm and quiet – sometimes it looks like a deserted place.

Victory Day Paragraph for HSC, SSC, JSC

Dear students this paragraph is very important so you shall learn this paragraph .


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