A Book Fair Paragraph for Class 6-10 | Book Fair paragraph for SSC, HSC Students

Now i am going to share about a book Fair Paragraph.It is very important paragraph for every students.So if you read this article you will get a very easy paragraph about book fair because we write every paragraph very easily every students can easily memorize our paragraph so let’s see a book fair paragraph.

  • What is a book Fair?
  • When and where is it held?
  • What kinds of books are usually available in a book fair?
  • Who visit the book fair and why?
  • What is the importance of a book fair?

A Book Fair paragraph

A book fair is a kind of fair where different types of books are displayed for sale.Book fair is now held in every city and town too.It has recently become very popular in our country.People go to the fair to find their desired books.In , Bangladesh , a book fair is arranged on the occasion of 21 st February,16 th December ,26 th March and Bangla New Year.The fair is held in an open place or in the auditorium or in a big hall – room.In our country the largest book fair is held on the premises of Bangla Academy on the occasion of 21 st February .All kinds of books such as fiction , drama , poetry ,novel, biography, translation, children literature , story books etc are usually available in a book fair.A book fair usually remains crowded.People from all walks of life visit the fair.People who are book lovers come to the fair to buy books and enjoy the fair.Young boys and girls gather here to find out books of their favorite authors. They buy books to present their near and dear ones and other themselves.From the interest and participation of people , the popularity of fair in our country can be realized. A book fair bears great importance.It creates a sense of interest for books among the general people.It is really an exceptional places.It also helps develop our creativity.It also increase our knowledge .

Dear students,A book Fair is a very important paragraph,

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