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ProtonVpn Username and password free

ProtonVPN Username and Password Free in 2022

ProtonVPN Username and Password: How can we use protonVPN freely and What’s the password of ProtonVPN. This articles we show you how you can use ProtonVPN usernames and passwords 2022.

By ProtonVPN you can use freely 2 months to next 3 years without any charge.

What is protonVPN?

At first we have to Know that what’s VPN? It’s common question tk everyone. Now we will know meaning of VPN.  VPN is virtual private network.  It’s a network Provider.

ProtonVPN is a famous VPN provider. It’s provided by AG  of the swiss company proton technologes. ProtonVPN is the best VPN. You can use ProtonVPN Windows, pc,mac etc.

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What are the benefits of ProtonVPN?

Some webstes are blocked. You can’t access there. Yiu have no authority to inter there website. When you use ProtonVPN to browse this block  website , your Internet connection will be encrypted. By countining  your connection you will inter this web.
ProtonVPN’s advanced security features ensure anyone cannot prevent your connection.

ProtonVPN Premium Account Features.

We write down some  advanced security features of protonVPN below

  • in 63 countries have 1700+ servers.
  • Protonvpn has 10 VPN connections.
  • ProtonVPN has Highest speed to 10 Gbps
  • Proton VPN also has Strict no-logs policy.
  • ProtonVPN Access to blocked content.
  • Adblocker (NetShield)
  • Streaming service support

ProtonVPN Server Speeds (Download and Upload)

ProtonVPN has a medium speed server networking. ProtonVPN  has there servics in 54 countries 250 servers. I have tested ProtonVPN  speeds in different locations and methods. We find out that it has very fast services that we thought.  its speeds are as fast as  proton athurithy claims.
Now, the download speed of protonVPN in begaining connecting  is 64 Mbps.

Pekage of ProtonVPN. How much is ProtonVPN premium.

  • Per month using 5$
  • 3.29$  per month over two years.
  • Per basic pack 5$
  • Per plus pack 10$
    Visionary pack 30$

How secure is ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN protects your information. ProtonVPN has strong  server AES-256 encryption and a 4096-bit RSA.  This way ProtonVPN saves and protects your data and information.

ProtonVPN for Torrenting and P2P File sharing

If you Choice  protonVPN that’s good choice.  It provides P2P File sharing on all servers by keeping safe and  keep private activity with a stric no log policy.


ProtonVPN Username and Password List 2021/2022

We write down some usernames and Passwords which are working 2021/2022.  These are below;

ProtonVPN premium accounts free login username and password April 2022

The ProtonVPN for Windows

The ProtonVPN for Windows is the best. The protonVPN is way to stay secure and private when access the internet.

Install of ProtonVPN. Set up protonVpN

If you want to set up proton VPN, please follow below steps:
At first download the ProtonVPN Windows app. Then go to your downloads folder and double click the protonvpn.exe installation file. …

Click I Agree and then Next>. Finally click Install. Once the installer window is open, click install on the first screen

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